It works, and let's make it better

Currently, we’re working on a site. I will tell you about what site it is. This time, I want to share our ideas about how we build it. It comes with a membership features. You know… registration, login and password reminder. For the password reminder feature, the current site — we actually redevelop the current site — has the feature, and it works fine.
BUT, we think that the process can — and should — be improved. Here are the scenario (from the current site) for the password reminder:

  • A user fills in the email field with the his/her account’s email address.
  • The system will generate a randomly-generated password.
  • User can login with the new password.

It works. But, there are some other situations:

  • Other people can see other members’ profile.
  • On the profile page, the email address is revealed (readable).

So, other members can easily bug each other. Of course, only when they want to. The point is: it can be done. If someone put other members’ email adress, he/she can reset the password. “Hey, I have someone changed my password without my permission. I need to change it again now…”

Withdraw Paypal funds to Indonesian bank account

Last week (April 20th, 2008), we (Lala and I) decided to withdraw our funds at Paypal into our bank account. We use BCA right now. Since we already had our Paypal verified, the process was not difficult at all. It was very easy. And here are the process and few things you might want to know (if you want to get your Paypal fund, too):

  • First, make sure you have a verified Paypal account. And you already added your bank account information.
  • You have to know that there will be a fee (Rp. 16.000,00) if you withdraw Rp. 1.499.999,99 or less. But, for Rp. 1.500.000,00 or more there is no extra cost. So, we took the second option.
  • It takes 5-7 business day to process. But, we got our fund faster — I think it was 2 or 3 days only.
  • Paypal has its own currency system I guess. So, before sending your funds, make sure that you get the right amount. There is a currency calculator available. The exchange rate was “1 U.S. Dollar = 8.944,22 Indonesian Rupiah”. It might change.
  • If the transaction failed, your fund will be returned to your Paypal account. And, there is Rp. 50.000,00 administration cost for this. Well, I am not sure about the exact number. You will see a short notification before you confirm your transaction.

Pretty easy, right? It was our first time getting funds from Paypal to our local bank. Everything was great. So, if you want to send fund into my Paypal account (donate[at], I can receive it. Hehehe… :)

Busy days, lightning and grid

This months, I have some works to do. That made me a little bit busy. I have a pending project right now, well.. actually, it’s my friend’s part to do the work. But, I hope we can finish it right away — this week. Last week, I also made some designs for a client. I have sent two designs, and now I just wait for him to give me the remarks. Anyway, I will use WordPress here.
Orangescale.NET (grid: design concept #2)
When I struggled with my works, I got a problem with the internet connection. My internet provider’s tower was hit by lightning. Ouch! The electricity problems made the situation worse. Seriously. So, because I do not have internet connection for a while, I decided to make some changes on this weblog. This time, I want to go further on the detail. As a grid-lover, I want to display the grid better than before. Of course, it’s not the best… but, I’m satisfied. You should be able to see the “grid” there. About inspirations, I have many great designers inspired me like Khoi Vinh and Jeff Croft. And, let’s not forget about Design By Grid website (last year was archived in this site).
Anyway, if you want to know about grid, Khoi Vinh’s article is a good place to start. Hey, don’t forget to read too.
About my Flickr photo, I display a random photo also in this blog. Where is it? It’s on the top. You will see a random photo there.
Back to work.

Upgrade to Flickr pro account

Last week, I upgraded my Flickr account. Actually, this is not my personal account, but Orangescale’s account. Lala and I have our own Flickr account. Having two separate account is fine for me. But, if I can combine them, why not? So, if you add my Flickr account, I have to say sorry because I will not update it anymore. I will upload all new photos to my Pro account.
Flickr offers its free version with some limitation. Of course, if you’re fine with the limitation, you can stay with it. But, I want to have more. So, here are some reasons why I decided to upgrade:

  • I love Flickr!
  • Before the ugprade, we were about to reach our feature limit.
  • It’s cheap. Seriously, about US$2 per month only.
  • The pro features are tempting. unlimited uploads (10mb per photo), unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited photosets, archiving of high-resolution original images, the ability to replace a photo, post any of your photos in up to 60 group pools, ad-free browsing and sharing.
  • We will have more and more photos.
  • The process was quick and simple. It took less than five minutes to enjoy the pro features.

Right now, I am happy with my Flickr account. If you’re still in free version, the pro features are worth to see. Again, my primary Flickr account is now.

TransJogja (unofficial) site

This month, a new mass transportation system started to operate in Jogjakarta. It’s Trans Jogja. When I heard the news, I tried to get as much information as possible. But, I was unlucky. There were less information available (on the internet). Even when I checked the local goverment’s official website… I could not find any useful information.
When there was a tryout period, it was hard to find the brochures, or any information kit. From this situation, my friend (Yan Arief) and I got an idea to build a site to provide information about Trans Jogja. Hopefully, this site can be an alternative information for people in Jogjakarta and all other people who want to find information from the internet. Here we go… the unofficial site of Trans Jogja, located at
When I was about to start building this site, I decided to use WordPress. But, later… I changed my mind, I switched to Drupal. After struggling with this platform — I almost forgot last time I used Drupal — this site was silently launched. So far, we have positive feedbacks. For the last update, I would like to thank to Suara Transjakarta for the inspiration. :)

Dian Sastrowardoyo joins the blogosphere

Today, Dian Sastrowardoyo — populary known as Dian Sastro — joining the blogosphere by launching a blog. Her blog is powered by WordPress. You can visit her blog at I write a short article about the design process — it’s in Bahasa Indonesia. Okey, welcome to blogosphere!

Yusril Ihza Mahendra's New Blog

Yusril Ihza Mahendra, the former State Secretary, starts blogging using a new blog address. His blog — made using WordPress — is located at So, if you’re know his very first blogs at Blogspot (, it’s time to change your bookmark to the new address. All posts (except the last one) have been imported to WordPress.
Vavai also also informs that his blog can also be accessed using some different domains. or just Just choose. All will be redirected to the primary domain where his blog originally installed. Right, just a redirection.
Note: All posts and comments will be written by Pak Yusril himself. And, all communication sent from the contact form will go to Pak Yusril inbox. Yes, it’s his blog.
Happy blogging, Pak!

Mug Design

Mug Design (Ubuntu + MT4)
There are six different designs. There is a WordPress logo, Orangescale-related design, and her blog header. I hope I can have them ready tomorrow. Anyone want to have one?