10 Reasons Why I Love Posterous

After using Posterous in the last few weeks more frequenlty, I feel that I like it more than before. It feels right. These are 10 reasons why I like Posterous — and why you should love it, too.

1. Email-friendly, of course

One of the internet feature I regularly check is inbox. Sometime, I want to post something directly from email sent into my inbox. Posterous is about working directly from the email — web-based email or email clients.

2. Free

It’s a free . Right now, I have 1 GB of free . Since it does not offer types of account (free or paid account), Posterous said that we can have more than 1 GB if we hit the limit. If I have to pay to get more storage or features, I will consider to subscribe. But, I hope it offers the right price/package. And, we can have multiple Posterous sites using a single email address.

3. Autopost

How many social media accounts I have? How to distribute or send something to those service easily — if I want to share something using those ? The autopost feature is just perfect. I can send photos to Flickr, send videos to , post something to my own blog. But, I can do them all automagically from Posterous. And, I can choose whether I want to share them directly or not. Or, I can share only to specific targets.

4. Send and relax

I don’t have to be bothered with editing or customization process like resizing images, upload media files and embed them to my own blog (if I have a self-hosted blog). Posterous handles all emails sent properly. I sent multiple images, they will be displayed as a gallery-like entry. I send an audio files, it will have an embed audio . For videos sent, they will be displayed in a player. I sent a YouTube link, it will be transcoded into an embed player. So, it’s like send and forget.

5. Smart file handling

It’s related to the above reason. Posterous works together — in term of cross-service — with other online services. For example, we can automatically send PDF documents directly to Scribd, but not to my Flickr page. Posterous will recognize uploaded files — as long as we integrate Scribd with our Posterous account.

6. Personalized domain/website address

I can have a personalized domain for my Posteorus page. Right now, my Posterous site is posterous.orangescale.com. So, every photos/images/articles I sent to Posterous will have permanent link with my own .

7. Themeable

If I don’t like the default Posterous site design, I can choose from the available , customize them or even create my own theme. There are some limitation, for example we can include codes inside our theme or PHP syntax. But, even with the basic theme tags, it should be more than enough — for me. I’m using a customized Posterous site design now.

8. Multiple authors and emails

This will be useful for a collaborative site. For example, a group of people want to report something together — from different locations. They can have their own email addresses added to a Posterous-powered site and all emails sent from those addresses to Posterous will go to oneĀ  (or multiple) Posterous site(s). It depends on the settings.

9. Subscriptions to email

I subscribe to some Posterous sites, and one thing I like about this is that I can have updates from subscribed site delivered into my inbox. Or, I can simply read them from the subscription page.

10. I have 9 reasons above :)

The last reasons, I found many useful features I need for now as I mentioned above. Or, this last reason is to complete the list, since I’ve mentioned “10 reasons” in the title? Well, having 9 good reasons is just more than enough. :)

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