Capture and Share from Mobile Devices

Now, I want to introduce another -powered blog. This time, there are more than one author — well, only two anyway. It’s called Capture and Share. I created this blog as a place to put my — and Lala streams. All posts in this blog are created using mobile devices ( N78 and Nokia 5800 XpressMusic). But, not all of them are directly uploaded from the devices. Why? Well, we’re not using unlimited package for our devices. :)
Why Posterous? Because it just works. Sending , videos, screenshots from is our option. And, Posterous handles this perfectly. Here are few things about the setup:

  • We use custom feature. It’s
  • Some modifications. Yes, we use custom theme, only adding few lines in the stylesheet
  • Created this Posterous blog as/with Group Profile

Of course, I will not leave my own Posterous page. So, meet Capture and Share at

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