Busy days, lightning and grid

This months, I have some works to do. That made me a little bit busy. I have a pending project right now, well.. actually, it’s my friend’s part to do the work. But, I hope we can finish it right away — this week. Last week, I also made some designs for a client. I have sent two designs, and now I just wait for him to give me the remarks. Anyway, I will use here.
Orangescale.NET (grid: design concept #2)
When I struggled with my works, I got a problem with the connection. My internet provider’s tower was hit by lightning. Ouch! The electricity problems made the situation worse. Seriously. So, because I do not have internet connection for a while, I decided to make some changes on this weblog. This time, I want to go further on the detail. As a -lover, I want to display the grid better than before. Of course, it’s not the best… but, I’m satisfied. You should be able to see the “grid” there. About inspirations, I have many great designers inspired me like Khoi Vinh and Jeff Croft. And, let’s not forget about Design By Grid website (last year was archived in this site).
Anyway, if you want to know about grid, Khoi Vinh’s article is a good place to start. Hey, don’t forget to read Yeeaahh.subtraction.com too.
About my Flickr photo, I display a random also in this blog. Where is it? It’s on the top. You will see a random photo there.
Back to work.

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