How to Merge Two Blogs Using WordPress 3.0 Multi-Site Feature

Now, in this ( powers my other blog — in Bahasa , using WordPress 3.0 Multi- feature. I decided to use this method so that I don't have to manage two separated WordPress installation. In short: and are now using a single WordPress installation, using as the primary blog.
This method works on my blog, but I don't guarantee that you will have the exact process depending your own installation:

  • First, enable WordPress 3.0 Multi-Site feature
  • You should have access to modify domain record. If your webhosting provider provide “Add-on domain” feature, it should work.
  • Create a new site under First Blog, you can use any address first.
  • Export contents from blog you want to move using WordPress export feature.
  • Import the export you have to Second Blog.
  • Copy all media files from Second Blog to (Note: “X” is the Site ID).
  • Check all settings, escpecially the locations in your posts. Later, the uploaded media files will use this : (the path might be different). If you have broken image path, check the settings and paths again.
  • Install WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. Follow the instruction. It's easy.
  • Modify Second Blog DNS settings. Basically, you need to create an A record. Point your Second Blog domain to an IP address used by First Blog.
  • Check all , blog settings, and permalink.
  • Enjoy!

I don't know whether it's an easy process or not, but here I want to show you that WordPress 3.0 Multi-Site feature can be useful. If you're still comfortable to manage multiple blog installations, you don't need to use this method.
It's not a problem-free solution, of course. And it might be tricky sometimes. For example, about the plugin activation. Which plugins should be installed ‘globally' or ‘locally'. Some plugins might work without any modifications. Here, I still have a plugin that does not work on my Second Blog. It works well on my primary blog, but not on the secondary. So far, I'm happy with the result.

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I use WordPress to set up membership websites using the Magic Members plugin. I run a variety of different content segments in which this tool could be beneficial. Since the plugin allows for both public and private content, would there be any potential compatibility issues? I can’t really think of any, but thought that I should ask anyways.

When it comes to multiple users, I think it will need more time. I don’t know whether it will answer your question directly or not. But, we have to assign users to which blogs. When I created a second blog, users who have access on first blog will not automatically get access to it.
Yes, plugin compatibility can be the issue, since I have some plugins that are not working under Multi-Site situation.

multi-site is one of the interesting features of WordPress, but not all web hosting service providers allow users to activate it, especially shared hosting providers.

Agree, but it depends on how you setup your Multi-Site blog. If your “additional blogs” are published under your main domain (not automatically using Virtual Host), it should be easy.
If you want to have second blog using another domain using Domain Mapping plugin, it should be easy too. The main concern is to have “Addon Domain” feature for your webhosting account. The second domain will have the same IP address with the main domain/blog.

Nice to see your information. Can you export the plugin settings as well? Since I got many blogs, and each blogs got their own plugins setting. If I need to upgrade to WP 3, I need to setup the plugins for each sites one by one, it’s real time consuming.