Display more than 30 sets per page on Flickr

If you actively upload your photos to Flickr, you probably find that having lots of sets is a good idea. How many sets you have on your Flickr photostream right now? I have more than 200 sets. By default, if you browse sets in a photostream profile, you will only have 30 sets per page.

Flickr does not offer an option to have more than 30 sets per page when displaying photo sets. Yes, there is a paging navigation. But, is it possible to have more than 30 sets per page? Let’s say 100 sets per page? It’s possible.
What you need to do is adding a query string in the URL. For example: My Flickr photo sets URL is http://flickr.com/photos/orangescale/sets/. It will give me a list of 30 sets per page. Now, put ?per_page=60 (you can modify the number if you want). So, it becomes like this: http://flickr.com/photos/orangescale/sets/?per_page=60. Now, there are 60 sets in a single page.