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Gangguan KlikBCA karena Terkena Malware?

Karena cukup sering menggunakan BCA Mobile, saya cukup jarang melakukan transaksi melalui internet banking BCA. Beberapa waktu lalu, saya bermaksud untuk menambahkan beberapa nomor rekening dalam daftar transfer di internet banking BCA saya. Walaupun daftar transfer tersebut sudah ada dalam BCA Mobile saya, namun karena data transfer memang tidak tersinkron dengan internet banking, jadi perlu ditambahkan manual.

Ketika akan menambahkan daftar transfer, muncul pesan bahwa transaksi tidak dapat diproses. Saya pikir hanya permasalahan yang muncul acak. Jadi, saya memutuskan coba lagi lain waktu. Setelah beberapa kali, tetap saja gagal.

Saya coba hubungi HaloBCA melalui Twitter, namun jawaban berakhir bahwa saya disarankan untuk menghubungi Halo BCA melalui telepon. Walaupun selama berurusan dengan layanan nasabah di kantor cabang atau kantor pusat selalu baik — termasuk ketika melalui call center, tapi apa iya menghubungi call center adalah satu-satunya solusi? Saya cukup penasaran.

BCA Express juga kurang membantu

Saya mencoba untuk mencari solusi dengan datang ke BCA Express yang berada tidak jauh dari tempat saya tinggal. Singkatnya, ternyata saya tetap disarankan menghubungi call center BCA. Cuma, saat itu saya mendapatkan informasi bahwa akun saya dengan nomor rekening yang saya sebutkan ke layanan nasabah di BCA Express terkena malware. Sehingga, fitur tersebut semacam dibekukan karena ini merupakan salah satu standar keamanan dari BCA.

Beberapa tahun lalu, walaupun kasusnya tidak sama, namun ada juga permasalahan yang menyangkut dengan virus. Dan, saat itu permasalahan diselesaikan dengan baik.

Saat saya menghubungi Halo BCA, saya sampaikan permasalahan yang saya hadapi, dan menurut petugas layanan nasabah, memang benar bahwa akun saya terkena malware. Saya tidak meminta jawaban dengan mendetil, namun ini karena saya sering mengakses menggunakan Wi-Fi. Mungkin yang dimaksud adalah menggunakan jaringan Wi-Fi yang secara keamanan kurang baik.

Kalau tentang Wi-Fi, tentu saja saya hampir selalu terhubung ke jaringan Wi-Fi melalui laptop saya. Walaupun, saya hampir selalu mengakses internet banking BCA hanya melalui laptop dan ponsel saya. Apakah juga karena Virtual Private Network? Atau sebab lain misalnya peramban yang dideteksi ‘bermasalah’ oleh BCA? Entahlah.

Yang penting, sekarang internet banking dapat digunakan dengan baik.

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Fitur Last Activity di Instagram dan Cara Menonaktifkannya

Saya suka dengan Instagram. Mungkin Instagram adalah aplikasi media sosial yang paling sering saya gunakan saat ini, termasuk Twitter. Aplikasi lain seperti Path sudah saya tinggalkan cukup lama. Facebook, saya sudah nonaktifkan paling tidak untuk saat ini.

Baru-baru ini, Instagram melalui perbaruan aplikasinya merilis fitur “Last Activity Status”.  Fitur ini kurang lebih seperti WhatsApp, dimana kita bisa melihat kapan terakhir kali seorang dalam kontak terlihat aktif. Bedanya, di Instagram, fitur ini untuk melihat kapan terakhir kali seorang pengguna ‘terlihat’ menggunakan/membuka aplikasi Instagram.

Informasi tersebut terlihat melalui fitur Direct Message. Dibawah username, terlihat kapan terakhir kali pengguna tersebut menggunakan Instagram.


Jadi, semua follower akan dapat melihat informasi ini? Tidak. Informasi ini hanya terlihat oleh akun yang kita follow, atau yang sebelumnya telah mengiriman pesan pribadi (direct message).

Tentu saja ini bukan fitur yang diingikan semua orang. Apalagi fitur ini secara default dalam status diaktifkan. Namun, kita bisa menonaktifkan fitur ini jika tidak menginginkannya.

Menonaktifkan fitur ‘Last Activity’

Cara menonaktifkan fitur ini cukup mudah, baik di aplikasi Instagram berbasis Android atau iOS.

  1. Buka aplikasi Instagram
  2. Masuk ke Profil, kemudian sunting profil
  3. Pada pilihan “Show activity status”, ubah pengaturan menjadi Off (Tidak aktif)

Pengaturan ini akan menonaktifkan fitur ini sepenuhnya, sehingga kita juga tidak bisa melihat status aktivitas pengguna lain juga.

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Snapchat Daily Usage

Snapchat Passes Twitter in Daily Usage — The four-year-old messaging app is said to have 150 million people using it each day. I’m “thomasarie” on Snapchat and Twitter, by the way.


Twitter turned 9

Nine years ago, Twitter was launched. I created my Twitter account back in November 2006, and this was my very first tweet. If you want to find out your first tweet sent to this service, you can go to discover.twitter.com/first-tweet.

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Twitter Bootstrap, LESS CSS, and Caching Problem

I’m working on some works right now with a small team at the office. We decided to use Bootstrap as the front-end development framework. We came up with this solution for some key reasons:

  • We need to do it fast.
  • It’s easy to maintain, especially for a collaborative project
  • Bootstrap is cool.

There are lots of similar frameworks to choose like Skeleton, 960.gs, Blueprint, Foundation, and more. It didn’t take long discussion to take Bootstrap. Its features and flexibilities are just perfect for our need. The next thing is that we need to do some customisations, for example on the font sizes and colours. Since Bootstrap might release updates in the future, it’s better to leave the core files untouched.


Basically, it’s easy to customise them by using its own customisation tool. But, I prefer another method by using LESS. And yes, Bootstrap works great with LESS. The installation works straight forward. After downloading less.js file, add these two lines in the <head>

<link rel="stylesheet/less" href="/path/to/bootstrap.less">
<script src="/path/to/less.js"></script>

Inside bootstrap.less file, there is a little note that we can easily modify the font color and size by working on the variables.less file. I decided not to edit it. I created another .less file — for example: mycustom.less — and import it from bootstrap.less file. So, my bootstrap.less file looks like this:

@import "accordion.less";
@import "carousel.less";
@import "hero-unit.less";
// My Custom LESS
@import "mycustom.less";

And, this is what I have for mycustom.less:

@baseFontSize: 13px;
@tableBorder: #ddd;
@navbarInverseBackground: #faa141;
@navbarInverseBackgroundHighlight: #ec8b22;
@navbarInverseBorder: #d77c1b;
@navbarInverseLinkColor: #fff;

It should just work. But, does it work as expected? No.


Editing and saving mycustom.less file, and refreshing my page does not load the latest variables. It takes time to refresh/load the latest changes. It’s not good. It happens because less.js caches the .less files called using @import.
I tried to modify the web server setting by adding these lines in my httpd.conf file:

<FilesMatch ".less$">
Header set Cache-Control "no-cache"

But, it didn’t work. After searching for solutions, there is a method offered for this issue. I added this line of code:
<script>localStorage.clear(); </script>
Now, whenever I make some changes on my .less files, reloading the page will give the latest changes. It works.

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Twitter's Mobile Site Overhaul

Interesting story behind Twitter’s mobile site design.

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Twitter Cards

So, what is Twitter Cards?

Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content. Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpages, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers. [Source: Twitter Developer: Twitter Cards]

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Twitter's New Office Photos in SF

New Twitter HQ, 1355 Market Street, San Francisco.
Common Space
Conference Room
More photos at Flickr.

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Yahoo and Twitter's New Communications Heads

Yahoo just had Amanda Pires (from eBay) and Twitter grabbed Gabriel Stricker (from Google) as its new VP of Communications.


Randomized Twitter's Homepage Design

I don’t visit Twitter’s website regularly. I use Twitter from third party applications most of the time. Not sure when Twitter has another new look — the homepage has been changed few times — but when I open Twitter’s homepage, I got some different schemes.
Anyway, you probably remember about its major design few months ago. Now, Twitter randomize its homepage by having different color schemes. Not sure how many combinations it has, I found three. All of them give a short description: “Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.

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Solved: Nokia N9 can't connect to Twitter

After I had my Nokia N9 early this month, I setup my Twitter account first — after some basic phone settings, of course. Everything worked. The application is probably not the best, but it works.
Is it problem-free app? I thought so, until I got a problem: I can’t connect to Twitter using this app. I was not sure when the problem occurred for the first time. I did played with my phone (installing apps, downloading musics, adjusting settings, and including working from the command line). When an update was available, I also upgraded.
Added later: I was not sure what caused this problem. When I signed-in for the first time, everything worked without any issues. I deleted my Twitter account from the app, and tried to add it again. I forgot when I did this for sure, before or after installing the firmware update. It  was optional, but I decided to upgrade.
2011-11-13 01-49-48At first, I was not sure about the problem. Is it my phone, or the internet connection I was using. I switched to some different connections, but it didn’t solve my problem. When I tapped the “Sign In” button, it said: “Can’t connect to Twitter”.
So, I searched for a solution. And, I got one. It’s probably something too technical, but the instruction is easy to understand. According to the forum thread, here are some steps to fix the problem — I’m using Software Version: PR1.1 (20.2011.40-2_PR_005):

  • Activate “Developer mode” by going to: Settings > Security > Developer mode. It’s OFF by default. Turn it ON.
  • After having it activated, you will find a “Terminal” app button under application menu.
  • Open it and you need to execute these commands (one command per line):
    • gconftool --recursive-unset /system/http_proxy
    • gconftool --recursive-unset /system/proxy
    • gconftool --recursive-unset /system/osso

You may close your Terminal.
Those commands will wipe your active connection settings (bluetooth and internet data). But, it’s not a problem as I can add/manage connection settings easily. Problem fixed. Great.


Twitter Is Not the Enemy of the English Language

Twitter Is Not the Enemy of the English Language. It’s making it better.

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250 Million Tweets per Day and More Than 100 Million Users

CEO Dick Costolo
At Web 2.0 Summit 2011 in San Fransisco, Dick Costolo (Twitter CEO) revealed some latest statistics about Twitter. Here are some facts:

References: Forbes, Business Insider, The Next Web.

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So, what is the best Twitter Client?

Not exactly a Twitter client, but tool to manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
When I created my first Twitter account in 2006, there weren’t any applications for desktop or mobile. But, it’s 2011 and the service grows so fast. It’s around one billion tweets sent per week (according to March 2011 data). I love Twitter, and I also joined some other services. I don’t use all of them on daily basis, but more about learning how the service works, and how they’are designed. This is something I consider as something-I-like-to-do.
We are connected to each other using social media services. Many people want to be in the front row to get the latest news. They also want to know what is the latest information in the industry they’re involving with. I want to get the news shared by people I’m following on Twitter, or just to see what’s happening from my timeline.
At the same time, I want to share updates. These things seemed easy to be done. But, when it’s involving multiple social media accounts, I can be very busy. Not always, but sometime.
I have been trying and have some application installed on my gadgets — and also my MacBook Pro. I’m having Nokia N8, BlackBerry, and iPhone 4 now. Okey, don’t ask me why I need to have those gadgets. I just have them and don’t use them at the same time. But, I usually switch between those gadget — and of course, applications installed.
The thing is that not all applications works on every device I have with me, even they share similar features. Among many applications (free or paid) to manage my social media account. And these are some applications (including Twitter clients) I use — I switch between applications when I’m on my iPhone as my primary device right now.

I don’t have iPad and Android-based devices anyway. So, why bother having (too) many applications when I don’t use them all? Again, I like exploring how those things work. And, I like working on my account using its native application. For example like using Facebook for iPhone to explore Facebook, even HootSuite also works fine. Why? Switching between application is easy. Right?
I don’t have any other applications like TweetDeck, or Twitter for Mac on my Mac. For the web-based tool I sometime use HootSuite, CoTweet and Twitter website.
For the next post, I think I’ll write short reviews about those applications. From a end-user perspective. There are many tools/services that offer so many features. Probably, they works for businesses, not for personal use. Some are paid service, and some are free. When it comes into a simple question: “What is the best Twitter client?”, the answer should be simple: A client that works for you. Right?

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Klout Adds Five New Networks

If you like to analyze influence using a service called Klout — or, you like to analyze your own Klout score — this might be a good news. Klout just added five new services to build (hopefully) better scoring. You can now add services like Tumblr, Instagram, Blogger.com, Flickr and Last.fm.
The additional services try to cover popular services for blogging, photo sharing and also audio. Those services make internet users become more connected each other.

I’m curious whether other popular services like WordPress, Smugmug and Google Plus will be added there or not. Google Plus does not have its API right now. Okey, we’ll see. How’s your Klout score?