Using CloudBerry Explorer to Manage Amazon S3 Account

In my previous post, I mentioned an S3 tool called CloudBerry S3 Explorer. I also have S3Fox organizer installed. I use them both, and I feel that I'm more comfortable with CloudBerry Explorer.

CloudBerry Explorer makes managing files in EASY. By providing a user interface to Amazon S3 accounts, files, and buckets, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on just as you would on your own local computer. (source)

Now, I want to share how I use CloudBerry S3 Explorer to manage my Amazon S3 .
CloudBerry Explorer is availble as a freeware . We can it for free. It offers many features we need to manage Amazon S3 account, from a simple to complicated tasks. After I downloaded and installed it, I can start using it. First, I need to add my Amazon S3 account into the . Go to > Amazon S3 Accounts.


Opera Mini 5 beta and Screenshots

I just downloaded Opera Mini 5 beta for my 5800 XpressMusic. This new version of offers many new features like Speed Dial, Tabbed browsing, Manager, and much more. I think, “Tabbed browsing” feature is a super feature — with other new , of course. If you want to , you can go directly to from your web , or download it to computer first. Anyway, I still keep my Opera Mini 4 installed. So far, I'm happy with this new Mini 5!
Here are some screenshots (click to enlarge):
Scr000012 Scr000013 Scr000015


Telkom Speedy Review (first month)

It has been a month since I started using Telkom Speedy service. So far, I have nothing but positive . I'm an active user and I use internet everyday. I haven't experienced any connection problem.

Few days after I had my internet connection, I had a call from Speedy representative. She asked me whether I have my internet connection working or not. She also welcomed me and said thank you for using Telkom service. I got information also if I have problem with the connection, I can call the customer support. I already know about this but I never try it until today.

Today, I got another call from them. They informed me that they've received my and asked me about their service so far. I told the guy that I don't have problem so far. I'm not sure about the other customers in other city, but here in (in my place), I have a good experience.

Anyway, I tried to pay my Speedy bill using bank transfer (from ATM), but it seemed that the system is not ready yet here in Jogjakarta. Anyone got the same experienced?


How to get your suspended Twitter account back?

Today, I got my Twitter account suspended. I'm still not sure why, but it seemed because mistakenly suspended my . I was a little bit panic, but I believed that there was a solution for this situation. I just hoped that Twitter listened and did something on my issue. Of course, I was only one of hundreds, or thousands, or maybe millions of users who got such problem (at that moment).
To make the story short, I finally got my account un-suspended in two hours or . So, what did I do to get my account back?
Being suspended, it does not mean that you don't have access to your Twitter account. When my status was suspended, I could still login to Twitter. I could see the timeline updates from I follow. Being suspended means that I can't change any , it's like being in “read-only” mode. If you think you don't do any illegal activities (see Twitter rules), and you want to have your account back, just do the standard procedure.
The first thing I did was filling a ticket, explaining the situation. I also mentioned about the situation I wrote in my blog. I was not sure whether the information was useful or not, but at least I provide more details.
Few minutes after that, I was happy because my ticket status marked as “Solved”. Here, “solved” does not mean “Hurray, I get my account back!”. “Solved” also means “assigned to staff”, or “someone had been notified about the issue”.
I did not want to flood the staff by updating my tickets, asking for an emergency actions. It was around 1 AM (my time), and I could wait until morning, if needed. I was not sure about my ticket status. I also was not sure whether Twitter staff reviewed my request or not. I did not know what happened exactly with account. I just waited for feedback/action from Twitter staff.
I reloaded Twitter page randomly, just to check the status. Suspended, still. And then — after around 2 hours — I had my Twitter account back to normal. I was happy, and checked my ticket status, nothing changed. No comments, no feedbacks, … nothing. I was fine with that. Twitter was probably busy with other issues. The most important thing is that Twitter did something from there. Even if the machine did this, I'm still happy. :)
Lessons learned: it's fine to be panic but the next things are: don't panic, follow the procedure, and be patient.


Undo a sent email in Google Mail

After enabling media file preview in Google Mail, I decided to enable another Labs feature. It's Undo Send. This feature will give us 5 seconds to decide whether we want to send the email or cancel it. I think this feature is very useful. In 5 seconds? I think it's enough. Or, not?


Media File Preview Inside Google Mail

Yesterday, I enabled some offered from its Labs section — I've enabled some before. Google Mail Labs is a place to test some new features in . There are many features/applications we can test.

Google Mail users or those who use Google Apps for can enjoy this feature. Go to top right navigation, and there is a small to visit the lab section.

I enabled , Picasa and preview in mail features. If we enable this feature, we can see multimedia files preview inside our Google Mail . The pictures/videos will be derived from the link inside the mail content. If there is a link to YouTube , we can watch the video inline. Useful!


Iron Flickr Man

Iron Man, before and after
I watched Iron Man. I think it's a good . But, I will not talk about this movie, or make a of it.
I'm interested in the story behind this movie related to… Flickr! If you see the , just look closer to the two images inside. Looks similar, right?
The picture is from Jeremy Keith‘s Flickr album, and it was used in the movie! For me, the most interesting thing about this is about “how” his image can be used (in this movie).
Jeremy Keith has a detailed story about this. You should read the full story. Read about the communication between Jeremy and Ashley Kravitz.

Once I finally made it to Austin, I settled into a comfortable routine of geeking out, having and generally over-indulging. As I was making my way to the conference centre one morning, my rang. It was Ashley.
“Sorry I didn't manage to get the form to you”, I said. “My died on me. I know it's too late now.”
“Actually, there's still time”, she responded.
“Look”, I said. “Let's cut out the computers completely. Can you fax the form to my hotel? I can sign it and fax it back to you straight away.”
And that's exactly what we did.




If you need free softwares, here is an alternative: Phoload.

phoload logo
Phoload is a new website based on the idea that it should be simple, easy, and to discover and free mobile and applications. Users of the website can rate, and recommend the they download. We also aim to provide a great for mobile software developers. Phoload is designed to make it easy for developers to distribute their software through the website, directly to users who have compatible . (source)


WordPress 2.7 Preview users are very lucky. If you're one of them, get ready for the new 2.7 experience. On Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 8pm Eastern Time (8am, Friday in ), you should see a brand new at If you use the self-hosted version like me, you need wait. I'm still not sure about the date, but it says “sometime in December 2008“. A Christmas gift? :)
I already use the version here (WordPress 2.7-RC1-10015), so if you're interested, here are some screenshots. About new , navigations, and other new things, please head to WordPress official blog for complete details.


Canon EOS 450D (Digital Rebel XSi / Kiss X2 Digital)

No, no. I haven't bought it. It's still in my wishlist. (specifications/review)


Opera 9.6

I just upgraded my to the latest version, Opera 9.6. Read the changelog for details. Here are some highlights:

  • Opera Link — any address you typed in one computer will be available in all your other computers.
  • Preview — we can see feed content before subscribing to it.
  • Speed Enhancement — I like Opera because of its speed, it is said that this is faster than before.
  • and more.

Also, now Opera is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Go to Yeni's blog for details. Of course, the language files still need improvements. But, it's a good start. Go to Opera website to download.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? Not yet…

Yesterday, my girl and I had a plan watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian at 21 Theather. I haven't read many reviews about this , but a short review from Willy was more than enough. I did watched the first sequel of Narnia — The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Not my favorite, but I just like it.
When we tried to get tickets, there were only 3 seats available. And, they were on the front row. No way! Okey, next time!


PunBB 1.3 Beta Preview

For all PunBB fans, PunBB 1.3 beta is already available. Few days ago, I the beta , did a fresh install, and I believe that the coming 1.3 will be MUCH better. Currently, the latest stable release is 1.2.17 (released on February 19th, 2008). Here is a :
punbb 13
So, what's new? Here are some of them:


WordPress Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin for Super Blog Post

Team and Crowd Favorite released a plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress. What is it? According to its definition:

Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress plugin intelligently enriches your blog post with great content from Yahoo! , Finance, and beyond.

Even it's still in beta , after I tried this plugin, I found that this is a very useful plugin. Especially I want to enrich my post with more useful information without spending too much time to find references. If you go to Yahoo! Shortcuts page, you will see some demos on how the plugin will work in your post. Look at the sidebar. In short this plugin will do these things:
Yahoo! Shortcuts: Shortcuts Found

  • Detect your post to find relevant information automagically — I think it's by keywords — that can be found using Yahoo! . For example: maps/location, products, company information, profile, , etc.
  • This plugin will generate some shortcut alternatives. Later, you will have options to deal with those shortcuts. In you entry editing screen, you will see a box containing information about how many shortcuts found in your entry.
  • If you decide to create shortcuts to Yahoo! services, just click on the “ this Post” button. By doing this action, you will be brought to another editing screen.

Sandbox Designs Competition Winners

You probably have heard about Sandbox Designs Competition. Yes, it's a WordPress competition. In this contest, all participants only needed to modify the stylesheet of the original Sandbox theme. This competition announced the winners. Congratulation to Arpit Jacob for his Sandpress design!
So, if you use Sandbox theme, you can use all designs submitted in the contest. Choose your favorite theme, upload to your theme folder, and enjoy it.
Useful :