Iron Flickr Man

Iron Man, before and after
I watched Iron Man. I think it’s a good . But, I will not talk about this movie, or make a of it.
I’m interested in the story behind this movie related to… Flickr! If you see the , just look closer to the two images inside. Looks similar, right?
The picture is from Jeremy Keith‘s Flickr album, and it was used in the movie! For me, the most interesting thing about this is about “how” his image can be used (in this movie).
Jeremy Keith has a detailed story about this. You should read the full story. Read about the communication between Jeremy and Ashley Kravitz.

Once I finally made it to Austin, I settled into a comfortable routine of geeking out, having and generally over-indulging. As I was making my way to the conference centre one morning, my rang. It was Ashley.
“Sorry I didn’t manage to get the form to you”, I said. “My died on me. I know it’s too late now.”
“Actually, there’s still time”, she responded.
“Look”, I said. “Let’s cut out the computers completely. Can you fax the form to my hotel? I can sign it and fax it back to you straight away.”
And that’s exactly what we did.


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