How to get your suspended Twitter account back?

Today, I got my Twitter account suspended. I’m still not sure why, but it seemed because Twitter mistakenly suspended my account. I was a little bit panic, but I believed that there was a solution for this situation. I just hoped that Twitter listened and did something on my issue. Of course, I was only one of hundreds, or thousands, or maybe millions of users who got such problem (at that moment).
To make the story short, I finally got my account un-suspended in two hours or less. So, what did I do to get my account back?
Being suspended, it does not mean that you don’t have access to your Twitter account. When my status was suspended, I could still login to Twitter. I could see the timeline updates from people I follow. Being suspended means that I can’t change any data, it’s like being in “read-only” mode. If you think you don’t do any illegal activities (see Twitter rules), and you want to have your account back, just do the standard procedure.
The first thing I did was filling a ticket, explaining the situation. I also mentioned about the situation I wrote in my blog. I was not sure whether the information was useful or not, but at least I provide more details.
Few minutes after that, I was happy because my ticket status marked as “Solved”. Here, “solved” does not mean “Hurray, I get my account back!”. “Solved” also means “assigned to staff”, or “someone had been notified about the issue”.
I did not want to flood the staff by updating my tickets, asking for an emergency actions. It was around 1 AM (my time), and I could wait until morning, if needed. I was not sure about my ticket status. I also was not sure whether Twitter staff reviewed my request or not. I did not know what happened exactly with account. I just waited for feedback/action from Twitter staff.
I reloaded Twitter page randomly, just to check the status. Suspended, still. And then — after around 2 hours — I had my Twitter account back to normal. I was happy, and checked my ticket status, nothing changed. No comments, no feedbacks, … nothing. I was fine with that. Twitter was probably busy with other issues. The most important thing is that Twitter did something from there. Even if the machine did this, I’m still happy. :)
Lessons learned: it’s fine to be panic but the next things are: don’t panic, follow the procedure, and be patient.

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i ever have same problem, i just contact twitter admin by email, they say cause my web url on profile contain of virus, i change it, and I get my account back :)

I too was suspended. I am disabled and have published my Memoir and also artist work. I was attempting to filter through and erase the thugs and whores from my account and got suspended because I deleted and search too much in too short of a time. OK, I got that I understand how that could be seen as suspicious, BUT ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!
I have sent two seperate Support ID and neither one has been resolved or addressed. In fact one was closed right after I opened it. Too date, the Twitter account Normajeansun has not come back online and this has a direct impacrt on my ability to support and move past my current limitations of my book exposure. Since I am honest, not a liar, thug or whore who wants to show you something; You would think the staff at Twitter could easily see that Im just a simple guy attempting to improve my life.
I had 800 plus followers and my website and traffic has almost dropped off since Twitter did this. I wonder if you can Sue them for Defimation or Slander or directly impacting my ability to survive? Since I am disabled and my hope at additional income comes directly from my artwork and book, I wonder if this can get turned back on soon? I just want my account up, thats all.
If you would like to verify and visit my website, it can be found at – Thank you…
In that, please show me a Twitter Safe way of getting rid of the Ecrooks and Scammers in a way that Twits Software wont freak out over the amount of traffic. I had over 150 tweets that contained quotes and excerpts from my Memoir, Norma Jean’s Sun. I have no way of getting those back in the thought and order that I worked so Hard at putting place. I had artists, singers, Book Stores, Publishers and Media channels following Me! I was actually having a success at talking/tweeting with my followers and then POOF, Gone because I tried to get rid of the FOOLS that steal my time and energy. Hmmm is Twitting just for fools, liars, thugs and whores???
Oh, by the way I opened another account under my name, kriscourtney and I instantly got 23 Whores and Ecrooks following me. I feel so loved… Thanks Twits
I’m frustrated

This happened to me today (2nd time, last time happened about when yours was suspended). Back then I was told that I had been suspended due to a mistake by a twitter employee.
This time its been 9 hours and I have heard nothing yet. But I am losing business because of this. Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if there is a legal recourse I should consider in this situation.

I have the same problem, right now and I don’t know how to describe my problem in english, ’cause I’m from germany :/

Good to hear you got your account back! I mean, I’m scared that I’m going to get mine taken away from me because apparently following/unfollowing is against the rule… Hope it never comes to that though. 

This is great accept if you’ve been suspended for 5 days and not reply, no human response .. what do you do then ?

I’ve had account suspended for months and had no response from Twitter, other than to say it had been suspended for not following the rules. Which rule I’ve broken, I have no idea, ‘cos it was a new account (about  a week old) and I only had 31/23 Following/Followers and it was being used responsibly as far as I was aware. Repeated requests to Twitter get no response at all.
Just had another two accounts suspended today. Again no reason given but these accounts have been going since March, again only used responsibly with about 30 Tweets sent per day, so could hardly be called spamming.
Beginning to think it’s not me but someone who is following me, why they can’t just stop following if they are not happy is beyond me. Some of those I follow send hundreds of Tweets every day, so my paltry 30 is not many as far as I’m concerned.
I just wish Twitter would give you a specific reason for the suspension, so that if you are doing something wrong you could change what you do, but being left in the dark is no use to anyone.

Good news folks, Had all 3 accounts reinstated now.
Had to request that the new account they suspended be reinstated, with an apology if I had done something wrong.
They’ve now reinstated it and said I had an autobot on the account and to turn it off.
No autobot has ever been on the account but I went through the motions they requested me to do, like checking Apps etc. and everythings fine for the present at least.
Being very careful on how I use the account now, only adding a couple of Following per day, so hopefully will be OK.
My advice – If you’re account is suspended, don’t give up, but don’t hound them either.
I was sending a reinstate request every 10-14 days originally, but then waited a full month before requesting the last time and they actually did it.

This account is currently suspended. If we have suspended your account by mistake, please let us know by visiting Suspended Accounts.

my profile was suspended today.. Im really worried,  cause my idols, Justin Bieber and Cody simpson just followed me.. Where does I send a mail?? have tried and with out any reply .. I don’t lose my 1525 followers?? do i? please help me.. I can’t wait to get my account back

i filled the ticket but still not working! i was suspended yestrday and idk why because i did not do anything wrong”!!!

my acc still suspended from yesterday..:( its new acct i month only..have 288 following n 245 follower..hurmm..

Hi there! My Twitter account just got suspended. I wrote a ticket to Twitter Support, and I haven’t heard from them in 2 hours. Should I be worried? Thank you.

hi, :( 
I dont know how to restore my account, I have repeatedly search for tau and read how to restore a suspended account. My account has been suspended from 16 May.
im frustased. T_T

i cant get my account back and i cant send
 “Report a problem to the support team.”
what should i do?

Twitter said they’ll restore my account, but after 2 days, my account is still suspended..

Hey. My twitter account is suspended. What am i supposed to do? I’m panic!!

 hi my account got suspended but twitter replied saying it would restore my account because they had made a mistake but its been 16 hours and i still AM SUSPENDED!! WHAT DO I DO!!? :( 

my twitter account was suspended yesterday just after 3 minute i opened it now i am  going to fill ticket.I hope every thing will be fine……

when in Indonesia at TTWW of *bra* or beha, sudenlly limit and after that when I sign in again I can’t get in into my profil, I see that look my twitter in suspended, please how to make it un-suspended.

thanks so much for this!! i followed what u did and now i’m just waiting for a respond. (:

I did some google search and I stumbled upon your post. I’m so glad yours is resolved. I was so surprised, when I tried to post as usual a tweet from a newspaper. And to my shock, it didn’t allow me to post. It was some 4hrs ago. My ticket isn’t resolved yet. I had over 800 followers and I never spamed. I know that my browser was taken over when I was trying to solve my camera’s corrupt memory card. I’m not sure if they were trying to take over my account and Twitter was alerted? I have no idea. But why am I getting penalized? So sorry Annetheniey it hasn’t resolved since 40 days. At this point, my feeling is that twitter isn’t a good way for me to promote anymore my jewelry, nor my online friends who also reciprocate. At this point I’m sorry that I cannot promote other fashion related stuff :(
I have to look at an alternate form of promoting – so far stumble, google plus, FB and others have worked perfectly well.

Help me . My twitter has been suspended . I don’t know how to do it . Please help me !

so it means that theres a chance that my twitter account will not un suspended anymore right? but srsly idk wat do about this :(

I did that but my twiiter account is still suspended help me please I need my account back I’m so sad

My account was suspended for no fuckin reason!!
And i filled out that ticket shit like 5 times still no reply
If any one knows anything please contact me on [email protected]
Thank you

Please for four days now my twitter account has been suspended,I don’t even know what happend I have been so sad about it and so bored without my tweets.please help me re-open my account.thank you..

Dear twitter you are trying to make my life miserable because am becoming bored day by day for 3 days my account has been suspended please do kindly open up my acoount it will make me do love your social network more!!!

As of today I have noticed that my account has been suspend for no reason and do not know why either and very upset about the situation. I was gradually getting followers and then next thing I know I’m on this suspension . I really dont appreciate this at all.

I have just had my account suspended 3 days prior to an election.
My posts were to some degree repetitious but they were a political message which would reach different demographics at different times of the day across the under hashtags.
If you check the spam act political communication is exempt of the spam act.
There were no monies derived from the tweets. About 10-20 per day. There was no personal attacks and many tweets that were @ were television programs.
It also appears Twitter is removing posts with hyperlinks to particular websites which may impact powerful lobby groups in the US. So much for free speech.
Meanwhile the porn spam bots continue under the same hashtag along with the some vial language poster with the most vitriol of language.
Id say I was reported by someone with enough sway to have me canned 2 days prior the election.
I cant see Twitter surviving under this reporting model. Business will need several accounts to prevent suspension.
Now that Twitter are implementing advertising it will only take one of the other big dotcoms to release and improved version before complete collapse.
If I were business I wouldn’t invest the time with such volatility in the reporting procedure.
It appears someone with power has had me suspended at a whim.
I cant see Twitter sustaining long term business. Their policy is too willy nilly.
Its a lot to lose.

i got my accoun suspended 3 days ago mailed them with a ticket but no replies at all nthing i cnt live without twitter its kind of my life can anyone tell me what to do