Telkom Speedy Review (first month)

It has been a month since I started using Telkom Speedy service. So far, I have nothing but positive . I’m an active user and I use internet everyday. I haven’t experienced any connection problem.

Few days after I had my internet connection, I had a call from Speedy representative. She asked me whether I have my internet connection working or not. She also welcomed me and said thank you for using Telkom service. I got information also if I have problem with the connection, I can call the customer support. I already know about this but I never try it until today.

Today, I got another call from them. They informed me that they’ve received my and asked me about their service so far. I told the guy that I don’t have problem so far. I’m not sure about the other customers in other city, but here in (in my place), I have a good experience.

Anyway, I tried to pay my Speedy bill using bank transfer (from ATM), but it seemed that the system is not ready yet here in Jogjakarta. Anyone got the same experienced?

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it’s great to hear you good experience, thomskie. however i must say it’s too good to be true since the situation is reversed where i occasionally use telkom speeeeeedy. hey, i’m in batavia you know. lmty, last saturday, i had to make tens of calls to 147 just to make sure that the Internet connection was ok. well, you should see my modem was hardly blinking (showing that it wasn’t working at all). for 5 minutes it was ON, and the rest of 55 minutes was OFF. in the end, i throw the phone away from the desk. LOL >:)

My story with Telkomsel is very different from yours. I took a game connection (1mbps) from telkomsel a couple of months back. For the past few weeks, bandwidth has crashed to less than 10kbps, and infinite complaints to 147 have gone waste. The 147 call center guys just blabber – they dont mean a thing – all they know is to be polite, but dont take ANY action to solve any problem. Bearing their lies and nonsense is getting a bit too much as I wait for my connection to get back to anywhere near normal. Thank god I live in Jakarta, hopefully can exercise some other option soon.

I have exactly the same experience. Telkom Speedy sucks! I pay 700.000 Rp. monthly and my connection is less than 15 kbps in the daytime. Just from 3-5 o’clock in the nighttime its working! I called in the last 3 month about 30 times 147. They just say “sorry, sorry Mr….” I don’t care about your sorry, I just want fast internet! I asked of an technican to come to my house to fix it. I’m still waiting!!! Nobody comes, nobody calls. Telkom give a shit about the customers. If someone knows an other option I will stop my contract immediately! Pls tell me!

Well, i don’t have the same problem as you are, but my problem is, every half an hour the internet disconnects and then a few seconds later it’s connected again. As an online gamer i have to say Speedy sucks!

I have been using Telkom Speedy for about 2 years. In this time i have only been happy with the service for a total of maybe 2 months, the last 5 days speedy international speed has been very bad.. both of our connections are less than 20kbps international. We are paying for 2Mbps & 3Mbps services, as you are aware this is almost 3jt per month… i must say, from all of the internet services i have used everywhere in asia pacific, Telkom Speedy is 100% without any doubt the absolute worst. I have used mobile internet in the villages of Cambodia, 150kms from Penom Pen, with faster and more stable connection than speedy, this service and company is a disgrace. This is the highest price i have every paid for internet with the worst service.. Lets not kid ourselves, this is not a technical issue, this is all about Telkom trying to save $$$ on international bandwidth… What a bloody joke

If we have problems on our Telkom Speedy, we don’t even mind calling support. They just don’t help.

Speedy is a JOKE. Don’t even try calling 147. They will give you all sort of excuses for the slow internet service without any inclination to fix or sort your problems. This is saying a lot about the MOST EXPENSIVE internet service people can get their hands on.
I’d love to end my contract right away and use FASTNET instead. Its provides a steady 50Kbps-80Kbps download speed at Rp300.000 a month. EAT THAT SPEEDY… although there is a catch. You’d have to apply to the TV cable that provides it.. meaning you’re looking at spending Rp800.000 or so a month.

I totally agree with this one with all the calls and complaints they would simply tell you this generic line: We are going to make a report about this complain. As if that will solve your problem.

Going on Telkom Speedy unlimited, in Sentani, Papua
Rating: 0/5
Constant cutouts are (literally) an everyday occasion
Slow speed is normal.
We have to actually annoy them out of their chairs to get a service guy to help us – that is, if we can’t fix it ourselves.

speedy is a lying to its teeth usual to indonesian isp … they get away as we as customer dont have a means to sue their ass to the ground . because its owned by a connected people to this corrupt government. i say burn their ass down

fuck this speedshit is useless , all the complaints and all the call i give to 147 ends up nothing , nada !!
im so disappointed by speedshit , im goin to change to new ISP