Telkom Speedy Review (first month)

It has been a month since I started using Telkom Speedy service. So far, I have nothing but positive service. I’m an active internet user and I use internet everyday. I haven’t experienced any connection problem.

Few days after I had my internet connection, I had a phone call from Telkom Speedy representative. She asked me whether I have my internet connection working or not. She also welcomed me and said thank you for using Telkom service. I got information also if I have problem with the connection, I can call the customer support. I already know about this but I never try it until today.

Today, I got another call from them. They informed me that they’ve received my payment and asked me about their service so far. I told the guy that I don’t have problem so far. I’m not sure about the other customers in other city, but here in Jogjakarta (in my place), I have a good experience.

Anyway, I tried to pay my Speedy bill using bank transfer (from ATM), but it seemed that the system is not ready yet here in Jogjakarta. Anyone got the same experienced?