Twitter Search Results on Google Search

I have Greasemonkey installed on my Firefox browser. After I heard the news about inserting Twitter real-time search directly on Google search page, I gave it a try. Visit to get the Greasemonkey script.
What about the results? It seems that this script is useful. Having search results from two different sources: Google and Twitter. Twitter is known for its social search because people really involved in giving answers, solution and other info.
On the other hand, Google has numerous search results — of cours, it’s the search engine. But, who gives the most relevant results? Is it Google, or Twitter? Well, both will give search results only if they find the matching keywords/phrases. Twitter might be more updated because our search is pulled out from its database. Google might not give the best search query results, but it offers more data.
Google might win, Twitter too. Who’s the winner? We decide.