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How To: Install Opera Mobile on Nokia N9

Nokia N9 already has a built-in internet browser. It’s not the best, but it works. I like having some browsers for my Nokia N9, and currently I have Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile installed. Both browsers (Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile) are not available from Ovi Store. If you’re using Symbian for your Nokia, you can download Opera Mini. Firefox is not yet supported.
I’m not considering the installation process as something difficult. Yes, it’s not like the regular installation procedures. It’s my first-time experience too. So far, everything works without any issue at the moment. For Opera Mobile installation, I just follow the installation tutorial from Nokia N9 Fans Club. It’s an unofficial site, not maintained by Nokia.

Now, let me share a bit about how I installed Opera Mobile. Anyway, my N9 is running MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan with software version PR1.1 (20.2011.40-2_PR_005). And, if you’re not familiar with command line, you can continue reading.

Mozilla Indonesia Mascot celebrates Indonesian Heroes Day

Today (November 10), Indonesia celebrates its National Heroes Day (Hari Pahlawan). Hari Pahlawan commemorates the 1945 Battle of Surabaya.
KUMI - edisi Hari Pahlawan Indonesia
KUMI — Mozilla Indonesia mascot — celebrates by wearing Bung Tomo’s famous outfit. Bung Tomo is revolutionary leader in the 1945 battle. To remind you a bit about Kumi, it was firstly introduced on September 27, 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia during Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup. I think KUMI looks cute here.
According to Mozilla Indonesia’s blog, KUMI is also available in various traditional costumes like Bali, Sunda, Yogyakarta, Madura, Minahasa, Makassar, Kupang, Ambon, Papua and more. Here are some other KUMI’s outfits.
Papertoy KUMI "Garuda di dadaku"
Go to kumi.web.id for more photos or visit Mozilla Indonesia’s Flickr photostream.

Mozilla Firefox 8.0

Mozilla Firefox update available. It’s Firefox 8.0. Read the Release Notes. Already had it installed, and found some extensions that don’t work. If you really need certain extensions, check the compatibility first.

Google Plus Sticky Header's User Styles

Pujiono shared a wishlist to have Google Plus‘ header displayed in sticky style. Since Google does not offer this feature, can we have this feature using a simple trick? The answer is: yes.

There is a small extension of User Styles called ‘Google Plus Sticky Common Header’. I have applied this simple style to my browsers (I currently use Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome), and it works really well. If you want to install it, first you need to get the extension.


Firefox 4: Graphic Drivers Problems

Yesterday, Firefox 4 was launched and lots of people — including me — are happy now. I heard about Firefox 4 features during last year Pesta Blogger in Jakarta. At that time, Mozilla Indonesia brought some people from the team (including the developer) to share some knowledge what could be expected from Mozilla Firefox 4. I was impressed with some features, even some features were already shipped with browser like Google Chrome. It was like, “Okey, that’s cool. But, {name one of the browsers here} already has that (feature)”.
After that, I have Firefox 4 Beta releases installed on my MacBook Pro. I had two version of Firefox browsers installed so I could jump between them when I want to see some changes. Everything was running great, including the upgrade processes. I haven’t found any problems so far. When I joined the Firefox 4 Twitter Party, I was happy.

Yahya Kurniawan's Twitter avatar

But, is everyone happy? No. Yahya Kurniawan, a friend from Jogjakarta, didn’t have his Firefox 4 run well. The issue was on the graphic drivers. Everything was fine — he had some browsers installed, anyway — until he had Firefox 4 installed. He’s still upset, I think. :)
Yes, Firefox confirmed that there are some bugs:

Firefox 4 automatically disables the hardware acceleration and WebGL features if the graphics driver on your system has bugs that cause Firefox to crash. You still get all the other benefits of Firefox 4, of course, just not the newest graphics features. But for best results, you need an up-to-date graphics driver that fixes those bugs.

You can also find some additional details at Benoit Jacob’s blog. So, if you happen finding the problem after installing Firefox 4, you might want to check this issue.

Firefox 4 Twitter Party. I'm joining!

Firefox 4 Twitter Party

Kumi and Mozilla Indonesia Community Meetup

Last week, I joined Mozilla Indonesia Community meetup at Blitz Megaplex, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Lots of people confirmed to join this event, and the news mentioned about some goodies for those who came earlier. I got there almost at 7 PM (blame the heavy rain and flood!). I was surprised because lots of people already there. No goodies. But, no problem.
Mozilla Indonesia Meetup (Sept 2010)
This time, Mozilla sent Gen Kanai (@gen) and Mitchell Baker (@MitchellBaker) and they shared some valuable information related to Mozilla — globally and especially in Indonesia. Other thing was that in this meetup, a new Mozilla Indonesia mascot was introduced. So, if you use Firefox, meet “Kumi“, Mozilla Indonesia mascot!
Mozilla Indonesia Meetup (Sept 2010)
Gen Kanai already covered this meetup. So, go read Gen Kanai’s post. I was lucky also because I had a chance to had another question-and-answer session with Gen Kanai himself (Thanks to the after-party time at Roti Bakar Edi, Blok M) I asked him about Mozilla Thunderbird in the situation that more people are going mobile.
I took some photos, but not that many. You can go to my Flickr photostream for event photos.

Firefox Mascot for Mozilla Indonesia

I think, until today Foxkeh is the most famous Firefox Mascot. It’s a mascot character for Firefox promotions organized by Mozilla Japan. Cute, right?
So, what about Indonesia? For some detailed explanation and deep stories about Mozilla in Indonesia, you can read Gen Kanai’s blog posts. Or, you can also watch a short video I took when Gen Kanai visited Indonesia few months ago. The video is about Mozilla in Indonesia. And yes, it’s in English.
Yesterday, Mozilla Indonesia community came with a character. But, it’s still nameless now. The mascot character is inspired by Kecak dancer from Bali. Now, if you are good at giving name, it’s your turn. You can send your ideas to name this new mascot. Personally, I don’t have any ideas right now. :D
More details about this new mascot and its small contest can be found at Mozilla Indonesia community website. And, this is the mascot character.

Okey, this is cute. :D

Amazon S3 Billing Statement Sample

In last September, I started to use Amazon S3 for some experimental purposes. And, it’s not that difficult — of course, I only use some basic action. CloudBerry Explorer and S3Fox are really helpful. Now, if you want to know the billing calculation — just in case you’re interested to try Amazon S3 (also with CloudFront), I have uploaded a sample billing statement from Amazon (click the thumbnail to enlarge).
For me, I think the price is still reasonable. Anyway, CloudFront service is optional. Of course, this billing statement is not only based on my blog usage. I have multiple sites and accounts there. Not all of my backup files are also available for public.

Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 Windows Theme Mockups

Mozilla just released its new theme screenshots for Mozilla Firefox 3.7 and 4.0. Compared to the current version — I’m using Firefox 3.5.3 — I think the design is much better. I like it. But, it’s still a mockup and it’s still far(?) from finish.
These are the mockups of Firefox 3.7 for Windows Vista/7 and XP:
And, this is for Mozilla Firefox 4.0.
More screenshots are available at Mozilla Wiki (Firefox 3.7 and 4.0 theme mockups). About the interface design, I think Opera has a great visual design.

Getting Started with Amazon S3

Amazon Web Service Logo
After I signed up for Amazon S3 and CloudFront last week, I started to use it right away. Before that, I tried to get as many information as possible. It seemed easy. I had to deal with some new words like “bucket“, “Access Key ID“, and also “Secret Access Key“.
Amazon S3 — just like its name — is a storage service. What makes it different from “storage” in webhosting is that there is no FTP access. But, the mechanism of “moving your data to a storage server” is similar to FTP. In FTP, we will connect to your server using some basic information like hostname, username and password. In some cases, we will need an FTP port. And we can do it easily using FTP clients like Filezilla, CrossFTP,  WinSCP, etc.
Amazon S3 uses a little bit different process. Just imagine “Access Key ID” as “username”, and “Server Access Key” as the FTP password. Both information are generated by the system and they’re not easy to remember.

Berkas Rekaman Audio Debat Capres dan Cawapres Pemilu 2009

Hari pemilihan presiden dan wakil presiden Pemilu 2009 sudah berlangsung beberapa hari yang lalu. Saya akhirnya memutuskan juga untuk menggunakan hak suara saya. Bagi saya, ini pertama kalinya saya menggunakan hak pilih saya. Yang pemilu legislatif kemarin saya putuskan untuk tidak ikut memilih. Karena tidak tahu siapa yang harus saya pilih.

Nah, kebetulan dalam rangkaian proses Pilpres ada acara debat di televisi. Menarik sih, not bad-lah untuk model seperti ini, apalagi belum pernah diselenggarakan sebelumnya. Saya juga akhirnya merekam acara tersebut, namun hanya dalam format audio. Alasannya ini lebih ekonomis dan lebih mudah dilakukan, dibandingkan dengan merekam audio dan videonya.

Dari total 5 (lima) debat yang dilaksanakan, hanya debat ke-4 saja yang saya lewatkan. Ini juga karena kebetulan saya tidak dirumah. Debat ke-4 tersebut adalah debat cawapres periode kedua. Kalau misal ada yang mau meng-unduh berkas audio-nya, berikut ini adalah daftar berkasnya.

Firefox 3.5 Features

Some useful features shipped in Firefox 3.5.