The Flickr Collection on Getty Images

getty flickr
Last year, Flickr and Getty Images teamed up to build what they called The Collection on It’s available now at
What happened behind this collaboration? Flickr General Manager explains:

For the past few months, editors at Getty Images have been busy exploring the Flickrverse to find the right to be part of the collection — a task that is somewhat daunting when there are more than three billion images to choose from on Flickr. The goal was to choose photos that created a commercially viable collection, while preserving the inspirational and unexpected nature of the kinds of images that are so prevalent on Flickr. Like Flickr itself, this is a “living collection” and Getty Images will continue to add thousands of new images every month from here on out.

At the Getty Images’ landing , it’s said that:

These are handpicked images with an originality and authenticity rare in photos. Images that are available exclusively on our site, in both rights-managed and royalty-free options.

More photos will be added into the collections.