TransJogja (unofficial) site

This month, a new mass system started to operate in . It's Trans . When I heard the news, I tried to get as much information as possible. But, I was unlucky. There were information available (on the ). Even when I checked the local goverment's official website… I could not find any useful information.
When there was a tryout period, it was hard to find the brochures, or any information kit. From this situation, my friend (Yan Arief) and I got an idea to build a to provide information about Trans Jogja. Hopefully, this site can be an alternative information for in Jogjakarta and all other people who want to find information from the internet. Here we go… the unofficial site of Trans Jogja, located at
When I was about to start building this site, I decided to use WordPress. But, later… I changed my mind, I switched to Drupal. After struggling with this platform — I almost forgot last time I used — this site was silently launched. So far, we have positive feedbacks. For the last update, I would like to thank to Suara Transjakarta for the . :)

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Benar Mas, tapi apakah ini juga berarti bahwa informasi hanya menjadi “tanggung jawab” pihak-pihak yang bertanggung jawab saja? Baik di atau, tidak banyak ditemukan informasi-informasi yang cukup krusial. Apalagi di situs milik Dinas Perhubungan…