Upgrade to Flickr pro account

Last week, I upgraded my Flickr account. Actually, this is not my personal account, but Orangescale’s account. Lala and I have our own Flickr account. Having two separate account is fine for me. But, if I can combine them, why not? So, if you add my Flickr account, I have to say sorry because I will not update it anymore. I will upload all new photos to my Pro account.
Flickr offers its free version with some limitation. Of course, if you’re fine with the limitation, you can stay with it. But, I want to have more. So, here are some reasons why I decided to upgrade:

  • I love Flickr!
  • Before the ugprade, we were about to reach our feature limit.
  • It’s cheap. Seriously, about US$2 per month only.
  • The pro features are tempting. unlimited uploads (10mb per photo), unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited photosets, archiving of high-resolution original images, the ability to replace a photo, post any of your photos in up to 60 group pools, ad-free browsing and sharing.
  • We will have more and more photos.
  • The process was quick and simple. It took less than five minutes to enjoy the pro features.

Right now, I am happy with my Flickr account. If you’re still in free version, the pro features are worth to see. Again, my primary Flickr account is http://flickr.com/photos/orangescale/ now.