Twitter's Mobile Site Overhaul

Interesting story behind Twitter’s mobile site design.

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Indonesian Railway LLC's Web Domain Expired

Anyone notice that the Indonesian Railway LLC‘s website ( is inaccessible? Well, when I tried to get some train schedule from its website, I could not open the site. At first, I thought the problem was on the server. So, I waited.
I tried again after few hours. But, still… inaccessible. I whois-ed the domain name (, and… surprise! It’s expired. Isn’t it amazing?
Added later: The domain had been renewed. on Firefox 3 on Firefox

It works, and let's make it better

Currently, we’re working on a site. I will tell you about what site it is. This time, I want to share our ideas about how we build it. It comes with a membership features. You know… registration, login and password reminder. For the password reminder feature, the current site — we actually redevelop the current site — has the feature, and it works fine.
BUT, we think that the process can — and should — be improved. Here are the scenario (from the current site) for the password reminder:

  • A user fills in the email field with the his/her account’s email address.
  • The system will generate a randomly-generated password.
  • User can login with the new password.

It works. But, there are some other situations:

  • Other people can see other members’ profile.
  • On the profile page, the email address is revealed (readable).

So, other members can easily bug each other. Of course, only when they want to. The point is: it can be done. If someone put other members’ email adress, he/she can reset the password. “Hey, I have someone changed my password without my permission. I need to change it again now…”