Opera 9.63 is available

Opera 9.63 is available now. This release addresses some security issues and it’s recommended to upgrade from the previous version. Download now. Changelogs for Windows, Mac and Linux are available.

WordPress 2.7, Upgrade, Plugins and Some Other Notes

I just upgrade my blog to WordPres 2.7 stable release, code name “Coltrane”. Since I have been using WordPress 2.7 branch — I only upgraded from WordPress 2.7-RC2 released yesterday. And, the built-in core updater is VERY useful. I took only less than 10 seconds to upgrade. Nice!
wp27-upgrade1 wp27-upgrade2
So, if you’re using WordPress for your blog/website, it is time to upgrade. You’ll love it. :) As usual, if you do not want to take risk, backup your database first. Just in case you want to go back to your “current” WordPress version. After that, get WordPress 2.7. Anyway, related to this new version, if you have time, there are some notes. At least, these are for me. It might work for you too.

WordPress 2.7 Preview

WordPress.com users are very lucky. If you’re one of them, get ready for the new WordPress 2.7 experience. On Thursday, December 4, 2008 at 8pm Eastern Time (8am, Friday in Jakarta), you should see a brand new dashboard at WordPress.com. If you use the self-hosted version like me, you need wait. I’m still not sure about the release date, but it says “sometime in December 2008“. A Christmas gift? :)
I already use the development version here (WordPress 2.7-RC1-10015), so if you’re interested, here are some screenshots. About new features, navigations, and other new things, please head to WordPress official blog for complete details.

Opera 9.61

Opera 9.61 is availabe. I think I’ll upgrade my Opera 9.6 after this. There are some security fixes.

Opera 9.6

I just upgraded my Opera to the latest version, Opera 9.6. Read the changelog for details. Here are some highlights:

  • Opera Link — any website address you typed in one computer will be available in all your other computers.
  • Feed Preview — we can see feed content before subscribing to it.
  • Speed Enhancement — I like Opera because of its speed, it is said that this release is faster than before.
  • and more.

Also, now Opera is also available in Bahasa Indonesia. Go to Yeni’s blog for details. Of course, the language files still need improvements. But, it’s a good start. Go to Opera website to download.

Google Chrome Download and Install: First Impression

When I heard about Google Chrome, I was very curious and really wanted to try it. Now, it’s available for download. I could not stop comparing Google Chrome with other browsers installed. Of course, I found that Mozilla Firefox and Opera are way much better than the first release of Google Chrome, at least right now.

Download an Install

Google Chrome Homepage (by Orangescale)
Unlike other browsers, we could not download the executable installation file. At first, we need to download an installer (around 475 KB), and run it. It will download the Google Chrome after we executed it. Wait for some moments, and you will be prompted to the next installation steps. The installation process was really straight forward. Everyone should be able to do it without problems. Anyway, Google Chrome is only available for Windows XP/Vista right now.

Opera 9.5 is out!

Opera 9.5 has been released for public. There are many improvements on its features. Here are some of them:

  • Opera Link: Log in once, and bring your bookmarks, Speed Dial, and notes with you everywhere
  • Quick Find: Remember just one word on a Web page that you visited before. No more searching for those obscure urls.
  • Speed: Opera 9.5 is 50% faster than Opera 9.2
  • And last but certainly not least: Opera’s sleek new skin, inspired by the best in Scandinavian design

Currently, I’m using 9.50 beta build 10034, and I’m happy with this. Time to download the latest release now and enjoy its features. Other information about Opera 9.5 and wallpapers are also available.

PunBB 1.3 Beta Preview

For all PunBB fans, PunBB 1.3 beta is already available. Few days ago, I download the beta release, did a fresh install, and I believe that the coming 1.3 will be MUCH better. Currently, the latest stable release is PunBB 1.2.17 (released on February 19th, 2008). Here is a screenshot:
punbb 13
So, what’s new? Here are some of them:

WordPress 2.3.3: Urgent security release

There is a small but urgent security release for WordPress 2.3.2. If you use XML-RPC gateway for your WordPress, upgrade now. What’s the issue?

A flaw was found in our XML-RPC implementation such that a specially crafted request would allow any valid user to edit posts of any other user on that blog.

The upgrade process is very easy since you only need to replace the changed file. Download the latest xmlrpc.php file from WordPress trac — it’s 60 Kb — and upload to your WordPress directory (the same directory as wp-config.php). This mechanism will work if you use WordPress 2.3.2 release. If not, you’d better do a full upgrade.

No WordPress 2.4

Previously, I mentioned some new/improvements what would be offered in WordPress 2.4. The developer team decided not to release the 2.4 version. Before this decision, WordPress 2.4 was scheduled to be released on January 2008. (see its roadmap)
Later, we will have WordPress 2.5 in March 2008. More time, more development means more solid product.

SimplePie Updates

Simplepie Logo
Last week, Geoffrey Sneddon of SimplePie planned to leave his role developing SimplePie. As a reminder, SimplePie is a code library (written in PHP) that can be use to do creative things using RSS and Atom feeds. If you have heard about Magpie RSS, SimplePie does similar actions. Do I use it? Well, when I developed Asia Blogging Network together with the team, I also use SimplePie to display global entry from the network. You can see the action on the frontpage.
Okey, so does SimplePie join the deadpool? It seems not. Ryan Parman — the other developer — took over the development. And another new version of SimplePie (SimplePie 1.1) was released few days ago, with some improvements. Great!

Akismet 2.1.2

Akismet 2.1.2 Screenshot
New version of Akismet (blog spam filter plugin) for WordPress was released few days ago. This updated plugin will filter comment spams by their types. The word “types” here means comments and trackbacks.
If you want to use this latest plugin, just download it right away. Since I have some other WordPress-powered blog to maintain, I think I’ll upgrade their Akismet plugin. It’s easy, and I believe that it’s better to have updated plugins. :)
Added later: There’s another plugin update. It’s 2.1.3 now. I have upgraded Akismet for some WordPress-powered blogs. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks Deny for the info.

Opera Mini 4

It’s official. Opera Software just released the latest version of Opera Mini after three beta releases. It’s Opera Mini 4. In this release, there are many improvement as the entire codes were rewritten. Its rendering is also based on Opera 9.5 desktop browser. Here are some highlights:

  • Overview mode — Opera Mini 4 includes a new rendering architecture that allows you to view webpages just like you would on your computer. When you first load a webpage, Opera Mini will show you an overview snapshot of the page; using the new mouse cursor you can instantly zoom in to the selected region of the page.
  • Size of text fits width of screen — Opera Mini 4 dynamically changes the size of the text on webpages to fit the width of your phone’s screen, meaning you won’t have to scroll horizontally.
  • New standards support — Support for HTML tables, CSS handheld stylesheets, and more advanced support for CSS have been added to Opera Mini.
  • More highlights? Visit information page about the release. And do not forget to check the full features.

To download, you have three options: downloading directly from your mobile phone, PC or using SMS link. Since my old mobile phone (Nokia 3230) is also supported, I think I will download an install it.

WordPress MU 1.3

Few days ago, WordPress MU 1.3 was released for public. This latest release is a sync of WordPress 2.3.1. So, many new features offered by WordPress 2.3.1 will be also available in WordPress MU environment. Great!
Here are some features offered by this release:

  • Better admin controls for the signup page. It can be disabled in various ways.
  • Upload space functions have been fixed.
  • The signup form is now hidden from search engines which will help avoid certain types of spamming.
  • Profile page now allows you to select your primary blog.
  • Database tables are now UTF-8 from the start.
  • If you’re using virtual hosts, the main blog doesn’t live at /blog/ any more.
  • The WordPress importer now assigns posts to other users on a blog.
  • A taxonomy sync script is included in mu-plugins but commented out. It hasn’t been tested much but if your site has many hundreds of blogs it might be worth spending some time on a test server. Replicate normal traffic patterns and see if the server can cope with the upgrade process. If not, then look at the sync script, uncomment it and iterate over all your blogs with a script.

Those features gives me reason to upgrade WordPress MU-powered sites I maintain. If you follow my blog, you probably had heard that all Asia Blogging Network channel domains (14 domains!) uses WordPress MU. For the first step, I think I will dig the features first, checking the template tags (I hope all current template tags are compatible with WPMU latest version), checking plugin compability, and finally… upgrading. I hope I can finish all the work within this week.

Google Supports IMAP

After giving more storage for its Gmail users (I have 4 Gb of storage right now), Google starts to give IMAP support. Google Help Center already mentioned about Supported IMAP Client List. But it seems that not all accounts got this feature. I checked both in my Gmail and Google Apps, I still haven’t got the options to enable the IMAP settings, only POP.
Why is IMAP integration a good thing for Gmail?

POP was a stepping stone, but IMAP pushes Gmails benefits over the top. With IMAP, users can now access their email via a desktop application like Outlook or Thunderbird, read emails, make changes, delete, and have the changes made across platforms. So if you now log into your Gmail account, the message which you read in Thunderbird, will now be marked accordingly. No more wasting time trying to sift through emails that had already been answered. (source)

Okey, I’ll wait.