Let's talk about NOKN: A smart modular bag

I couldn’t remember how many bags I had. I was not so picky about the , colors, or models. I only need some common criteria: it’s functional, and its price should be good. I don’t mind spending more cash on bags (or any other fashion items) as long as it’s good and it fits me.
Last year, I discovered NOKNbag. It’s a business by some cool guys in my hometown, . One of them is my junior high school friend who I haven’t met for years. He  shared about NOKNbag products. I have to admit that it was cool. But, I decided not buying it right away. “Well, may be later…”, I thought. In some occasions, I saw more having this kind of bag. And, I had a chance to experience this bag, to meet this bag in person. And, it only took me seconds to decide: I need to have one.
And, I didn’t buy one. Not two, but also bought  special vouchers (worth around 50% off) for all friends at work. We invaded NOKN’s studio — it’s not far from the my office — to do a live mix-and-match. These are some items we bought back in 2013.
The collection has only simple name: NOKNbag v2.1. And, it’s only a single product, but each element can be purchased separately. Some color options are also available. This is my configurations (I don’t always have them at once, anyway):

  • One Metal Gun body color
  • 3 flaps (red, blue, and white)
  • 1 shoulder pad (Metal Gun)
  • Inside Partition (Grey)
  • case (Grey). I can bring my 15″ Retina Display!

Some customers mentioned that they could bring lots of stuff in it. And, they’re right. When I need to do a short trip (2-3 days) to Jakarta for example, I only bring one bag that contains these following items: 15″ MacBook Pro (with its MagSafe), iPad (with charger), , 3 t-shirts, 2 skirts, 2 shirts, small towel, and some stationaries.
It’s  my primary (and daily) bag. It’s my companion for work, or business trip.

I am lucky to have the opportunity with the people behind NOKNbag, about the and how they came up with this idea. Before they released their first product, they did lots of researches by asking people about their bags. They also looked closely about the people’s frustration on how they manage/organise their stuff (in their bags). It’s not surprising that they finally create this kind of bag. After another researches, they launched their new collections on the list.

NOKN-M, NOKN-T, NOKN-B, and more!

“Imagination is not only the uniquely human capacity to envision that which is not, and, therefore, the foundation of all invention and innovation. In its arguably most transformative and revelatory capacity, it is the power that enables us to empathize with humans whose experiences we have never shared.” ~ J.K. Rowling

When I met Bayu and Wira (the creators of NOKNbag), they mentioned that the upcoming products will use better materials, and they will be more modular. In a same size of material, it will be lighter. Really? My curiosity was answered when I got my NOKN-B. It’s probably confusing about the new names. Actually, it’s not.

  • NOKN-M. M for Messenger bag (Video)
  • NOKN-B. B for Backpack (Video)
  • NOKN-T. T for Totebag (Video)
  • NOKN-L. L for Laptop (Video)
  • NOKN-C. C for Compact (case) (Video)
  • NOKN-X. X for accessories.

I had my NOKN-B delivered to office using Fixed Courier service (a courier service using fixed gear bike). Anyway, Fixed Courier covers NOKNbag delivery in Jogjakarta area. When I had it in my hands, it was like experiencing something completely new. Right, it’s only a bag. But, this kind of bag? I never saw it before. My first impression? I looked complicated. What about the weight? Surprisingly, I found it pretty light.
The first few things I did was testing it. I put my daily stuff carried in my NOKNbag and still got plenty room. NOKNbag describes that NOKN-B is a 20-litre volume bag. Being modular, NOKN-B works with NOKN-L (Laptop Case) and/or NOKN-C (Compact Case). It uses Weatherproof hi-grade 1682-D polyester (for the outer material) and Waterproof 420-D nylon (for the inner material).
Is it a complicated? In fact, it’s simple. There are some compartments inside. The straps can be adjusted easily. Anyway, the strap — called NOKN-LockJack® Strap — is made of aluminum to keep it strong and lightweight. I got my dark grey color (known as Metal Gun). There are some other colors available to choose.
NOKNbag color option
Watch the below to get a brief impression what NOKN-B is all about.

When I said that the bad thing about NOKNbag is that you always want more, I was serious. Just bought myself NOKN-T today after having NOKN-B with me. #

“The NOKN-T looks nice” is the magic spell to get one. And, I finally got one too. This tote bag is using the exact same material like the other NOKNbag products. Here are some .


Now, let’s have moment so truth. This is a personal opinion and some are from friends. If we’re talking about price, NOKNbag products are not the cheapest in the (for the bag). For example, the standard NOKN-B (body and two straps) will cost IDR 830,000 or around $US 75. The NOKN-T will cost IDR 250,000. You can go the NOKNbag store for details and create your own configuration. If you buy online, you can get 10% with a coupon code.
I personally think that it’s not always about the price. The uniqueness, functions, and quality also count. My 8-month old NOKN v2.1 is still in good condition until today. I also wash it like once per month and the condition is still great.
Now, if you want to find out more about NOKNbag, you can go to its website at noknbag.com, watch some videos at NOKNbag channel (don’t forget to watch the “Bag of The Future episode“). You can also interact with NOKNbag at Twitter (@NOKNbag), Instagram or Google+.
Disclosure: All product photos in this post are from my personal collection. We got discounts from some purchases, and all invoices are paid. Last but not least, I’m tempted to get my NOKN-M. Damn!

Photos: NOKN-B

Photos: NOKN-T