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Web Browsers' Homepage Designs

I only visit web browsers’ sites when I want to download — sometime, I don’t even have to go to their sites to get updates — or, only when someone/something refers me to an address in those sites. Those are some possibilities. Their websites have beautiful designs, and sometime can be a great inspiration. :)

So, here are some screenshots. I like their designs as inspirations. Not in a particular order:

Camino Browser Homepage


The Flickr Collection on Getty Images

getty flickr
Last year, Flickr and Getty Images teamed up to build what they called The Flickr Collection on It’s available now at
What happened behind this collaboration? Flickr General Manager explains:

For the past few months, editors at Getty Images have been busy exploring the Flickrverse to find the right photos to be part of the collection — a task that is somewhat daunting when there are more than three billion images to choose from on Flickr. The goal was to choose photos that created a commercially viable collection, while preserving the inspirational and unexpected nature of the kinds of images that are so prevalent on Flickr. Like Flickr itself, this is a “living collection” and Getty Images will continue to add thousands of new images every month from here on out.

At the Getty Images’ landing site, it’s said that:

These are handpicked images with an originality and authenticity rare in stock photos. Images that are available exclusively on our site, in both rights-managed and royalty-free options.

More photos will be added into the collections.


Okey, this is cool.

Deskography is a simple little service where you upload photos of your desk. Why? Well, the idea is that it’s fun to invite the world to see where you work.

9 Awesome Places to Have Sex

Just in case you need inspiration. Here are 9 Awesome Places to Have Sex (And the Horrific Consequences).

Busy days, lightning and grid

This months, I have some works to do. That made me a little bit busy. I have a pending project right now, well.. actually, it’s my friend’s part to do the work. But, I hope we can finish it right away — this week. Last week, I also made some designs for a client. I have sent two designs, and now I just wait for him to give me the remarks. Anyway, I will use WordPress here.
Orangescale.NET (grid: design concept #2)
When I struggled with my works, I got a problem with the internet connection. My internet provider’s tower was hit by lightning. Ouch! The electricity problems made the situation worse. Seriously. So, because I do not have internet connection for a while, I decided to make some changes on this weblog. This time, I want to go further on the detail. As a grid-lover, I want to display the grid better than before. Of course, it’s not the best… but, I’m satisfied. You should be able to see the “grid” there. About inspirations, I have many great designers inspired me like Khoi Vinh and Jeff Croft. And, let’s not forget about Design By Grid website (last year was archived in this site).
Anyway, if you want to know about grid, Khoi Vinh’s article is a good place to start. Hey, don’t forget to read too.
About my Flickr photo, I display a random photo also in this blog. Where is it? It’s on the top. You will see a random photo there.
Back to work.

TransJogja (unofficial) site

This month, a new mass transportation system started to operate in Jogjakarta. It’s Trans Jogja. When I heard the news, I tried to get as much information as possible. But, I was unlucky. There were less information available (on the internet). Even when I checked the local goverment’s official website… I could not find any useful information.
When there was a tryout period, it was hard to find the brochures, or any information kit. From this situation, my friend (Yan Arief) and I got an idea to build a site to provide information about Trans Jogja. Hopefully, this site can be an alternative information for people in Jogjakarta and all other people who want to find information from the internet. Here we go… the unofficial site of Trans Jogja, located at
When I was about to start building this site, I decided to use WordPress. But, later… I changed my mind, I switched to Drupal. After struggling with this platform — I almost forgot last time I used Drupal — this site was silently launched. So far, we have positive feedbacks. For the last update, I would like to thank to Suara Transjakarta for the inspiration. :)