Google Reader Problems

Today, I had problem opening Google Reader. I am not sure what caused it, because I did nothing unusual using my . I noticed that it happened after I had Google Chrome installed. But, I am NOT saying that Chrome caused this issue. Not sure about this (Thanks Yogi for the correction).
The problem was that I have my browsers stopped loading. I even tried almost all browsers installed on my laptop. No luck. Doh! I am sure it’s not about the connection. Because I could not figure out how to solve this issue, I tried to re-install Google Gears. Before I did that, I disabled Greasemonkey script used by (in Firefox).
After having Google Reader re-installed, I opened Google Reader page again. Surprise! It’s back to normal again now. At least I do not have to switch to another web-based reader.

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Isn’t Google Chrome comes with Gears pre-installed? That might be the cause, you know, both conflicting each others. Seeing that the problem rise after you installed Google Chrome. :)

Tom, I had that kind of problem for sometime now when I open Reader at Firefox (only in FF, try it on Opera, Safari, all working fine). The page stop loading after it display the header. This is still an issue right now.
The good news is Google Reader seems working fine on Chrome.
I don’t know what’s the problem with Google Reader and FF yet. :)

But, I am saying that Google Chrome caused this issue. Not sure about this.

I think you missed type something there Thomas.
Btw, I have Chrome too on my PC, but Google Readers seems normal too me.
Sorry for the double post, but I think there’s something wrong on your comment system mate. Every time I tried to edit my comments and hit the “Send my comment” button all the text I’ve wrote was not posted.

gagahput3ra, everything was back to normal after I have Google Gears re-installed. But, it’s not working again right now. Weird. Okey, probably the problem is on my side, not Google.
Patrick, lucky you. Chrome could not open Google Reader too here. :(
Yogi, thank you for your correction. I’ll look into the “edit comment” feature. Probably it happened after I upgrade my WordPress.