Google Chrome Download and Install: First Impression

When I heard about Google Chrome, I was very curious and really wanted to try it. Now, it’s available for download. I could not stop comparing Google Chrome with other browsers installed. Of course, I found that Mozilla Firefox and Opera are way much better than the first release of Google Chrome, at least right now.

Download an Install

Google Chrome Homepage (by Orangescale)
Unlike other browsers, we could not download the executable installation file. At first, we need to download an installer (around 475 KB), and run it. It will download the Google Chrome after we executed it. Wait for some moments, and you will be prompted to the next installation steps. The installation process was really straight forward. Everyone should be able to do it without problems. Anyway, Google Chrome is only available for Windows XP/Vista right now.

After we have it installed, we’re able to download some history, bookmarks and settings from other browser installed. Right now, only Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer detected. If you do not want to import any bookmarks/settings, you can skip this step, and start running your newly installed Google Chrome.

The Look

About Google Chrome (by Orangescale)
Where is the window title? Well, this is the first thing I notice when I fired up Google Chrome. The blueish color and the window tabs got my attention after that. And, I like how the tabs are displayed! The window icons looks so Vista. There are only some icons in the toolbar, and I think they’re easy to be recognized. By having only some icons and small area in the toolbar, we can have a wider space to browse the websites.


In this initial release, there are some features offered. Go to Google Chrome features page for more details and screencasts. I just hope that they will release more features to make our life happier. :)


I know, I haven’t explore Google Chrome deeper, but for the first impression it looks good for internet surfing activity. For basic use, it just works. But, since there are other things that can be done from browsers, bloggers might need more than this. Using Mozilla Firefox, we can extend it by installing some addons. I might talk to soon about this since Google Chrome has just released few hours ago. If you want to try Google Chrome, just download it right away, and feel the different browsing experience.