Posterous as Media Sharing Service

Few weeks ago, I posted a question about media/image provider as Twitter companion. I asked about the better solution between TwitPic or TweetPhoto. Andre Siregar (@dregar) mentioned about using Posterous as the image sharing provider. Right now, I’m enjoying . Posterous offers many features that are easy to use, especially — of course — when it has something to do with .
When we share media files (/videos) — related to Twitter — the idea is to put the image somewhere in the , and broadcast the to our Twitter . Most services offers similar mechanism. And, most of them also have ‘post by email’ feature. Now, I think I will use my Posterous account as my primary to do this. The main reason is that I like using ‘send by email’ feature.
Other reason is about personal preference. Posterous has flexibility on the . I have made some modifications for my Posterous page. It’s still simple, anyway. Also, Posterous can handle multiple media formats so that it’s not limited to photos/image only, but , audio or any other files. If I want to share to Twitter — for example — I can do it easily using Autopost feature, or send it to a certain email address. Nice!