When strangers add you as his/her contact

Few days ago, I had someone added my Flickr account as her contact. Well, I am not sure whether it is her own real account or not. Probably, it is someone’s account. I assumed that it’s a “she”. I noticed that I was not familar with the name. Okey, I looked at the profile. And, boom! The account has many pornographic material there. And, it seems spammy.
flickr blocked
I just quickly blocked her account. I did not have any other reason to accept that. And, probably this is the first person I blocked. I am not a person who put ‘numbers of contact’ as a goal. I prefer to have less contacts rather than having numerous contacts but most of them are stragers. Remember what happened to my Facebook account? Currently, I have still many ‘stragers’ there. It is fine if those who added me have a ‘safe content’, but I am not comfortable when someone who has pornographic and any other distracting materials added me.
Okey, I blocked that person (as my Flickr contact). According to Flickr, blocking means that they:

  • can’t comment on my photos. All comments on my photos that they make are deleted.
  • are removed as my contact, and you are removed as theirs.
  • can’t add me as a contact again.
  • can’t add my photos as favorites. Any of my photos marked as their favorites are removed.
  • can’t blog my photos
  • can’t add notes or tags. Any notes and tags they added to my photos are removed.
  • can’t send me FlickrMail

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ooo.. how cruel
but you must do
since i don’t have much time in cyber world, real social lfe means a lot for me :D it needs more ‘technical arts’ (or trick)t o do such thing