Some notes about 21Cineplex website

Before going to theaters for a movie, I checked the schedule first. And I want to get the information about the movies — their schedules — I go to It’s informative, but I found annoyance there.

  • I can’t bookmark a theater page. Whenever I want to go directly to a theater page, it takes me to frontpage. I think it’s because my browser does not send HTTP_REFERER?
  • Because I can’t add a theater to my bookmark, it means that I can not send a permanent link to other people. If I want to show a page to someone, for example: “Go to theater in Yogyakarta”, how to do that? “Open the site, then click this, then scroll down, you should see the link there”. Like that? Doh!
  • Every theater has its own RSS feed. This is good. But, it seems that the feeds are out-dated. I just open a feed few minutes ago (April 20), but I got the feed for April 9 (as seen from <pubDate> value).

A question: why?
There are some answers, but I am just guessing. Probably:

  • they put advertisement there. More page views, more value?
  • they think people are not interested to subscribe to RSS. RSS — in this case — means less page views?
  • nobody complains about this, so there is nothing wrong with the site.
  • the point is: “All information are there. There. The most important thing is that users can find them.”

Okey, I will stop complaining now.

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