twibble Desktop Application

Twibble Logo
I’m installing twibble on my mobile device and so far, it works great. I use this as a primary application to upload photos from my Twitter account.
Today, I tried twibble for desktop application. Anyway, I’m having TweetDeck and TwitterFox (for Mozilla Firefox and Flock). Well, I use TwitterFox most of the time. I don’t know, I just like TweetDeck being installed, as an application to learn about interface design. :)
If you have TweetDeck installed, you can install twibble for desktop application since both are using Adobe AIR technology. Compared to TweetDeck, I think TweetDeck is much better. BUT, I like these twibble (for desktop) features:

  • Multiple Twitter accounts — if you manage multiple account. I do.
  • Location awareness — it understands GPS position sent from twitter mobile.
  • Easy to post pictures/photos.
  • twitter search
  • support

When I firstly installed, I was a little bit lost about the menu and interface. For example, on the configuration screen, I could not see the “Go” or “Save” links/button. Well, it’s there, using a small green arrow icon.

Twibble Desktop Screenshot
The next thing is that all updates (statuses, @replies and direct messages) are presented in a single screen. To identify, we can do it because the update types are using different background color. I like how TweetDeck and TwitterFox handle this. TweetDecks uses multiple columns, and TwitterFox uses tabs. To switch the filter view, I took me few seconds to find it. It’s using a small circle icon. Ok, it’s there. Got it.
It’s still in the development, I think we’ll see many improvements in the future — I hope.