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I’m installing twibble on my device and so far, it works great. I use this as a primary to upload photos from my Twitter account.
Today, I tried twibble for desktop application. Anyway, I’m having TweetDeck and TwitterFox (for Mozilla Firefox and Flock). Well, I use TwitterFox most of the time. I don’t know, I just like TweetDeck being installed, as an application to learn about interface . :)
If you have TweetDeck installed, you can install for since both are using Adobe AIR technology. Compared to TweetDeck, I think TweetDeck is much better. BUT, I like these twibble (for desktop) features:

  • Multiple Twitter accounts — if you manage multiple . I do.
  • Location awareness — it understands GPS position sent from twitter mobile.
  • Easy to post pictures/.
  • twitter search
  • support

When I firstly installed, I was a little bit lost about the menu and interface. For example, on the screen, I could not see the “Go” or “Save” links/button. Well, it’s there, using a small green arrow .

Twibble Desktop Screenshot
The next thing is that all updates (statuses, @replies and direct messages) are presented in a single screen. To identify, we can do it because the update types are using different background color. I like how TweetDeck and TwitterFox handle this. TweetDecks uses multiple columns, and TwitterFox uses tabs. To switch the filter view, I took me few seconds to find it. It’s using a small circle icon. Ok, it’s there. Got it.
It’s still in the , I think we’ll see many improvements in the future — I hope.

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kalo saya lebih suka pake thwirl, simpel dan gak terlalu berat. kalo tweetdeck itu lengkap tapi terlalu “besar” dan ribet. selain itu makan memory cukup besar dan menghabiskan space di layar yg terlalu besar :)