Indonesia: A band from Russia

If you think that Indonesia is only being used as a country name, it’s not. There is a Russian band named Indonesia also. (Hat tip: fisto). Since its website is not in English, MySpace described it as:

Indonesia – band was founded in St-Petersburg in autumn 2007.The musicians’ main aim is to play high-quality rock-music including original arrangements and perfect melodies. There is a strong accent on expert combining of classical western rock and modern progressive sound elements. After the months of the rehearsals and recording demo sound-track “Pretty Colours” Indonesia regularly performs in numerous clubs of St.-Petersburg and Moskow. Mad dynamics and drive distinguishs each Indonesia set, that immediately helps the band to find their own fans. (source)

More about this band can be found at, MySpace, and also its official site. When I surfed its MySpace, I saw that there’s a Dream Theater fans club. What’s interesting about this fans club is its logo — well, I’m not sure whether it’s the official logo or not.