Youngest Blogger

Here’s a list of youngest bloggers. If you know young bloggers — here, they’re below 18 years old, just add them to the list. The rank is based on this formula: Age: 20%, Google PR: 25%, Technorati: 30%, Alexa: 25%. It’s debatable, but I’m interested on the list rather than the formula. Just look at their age and blogs.

List of misquotations

List of misquotations: A famous misquotation is a well-known phrase attributed to someone who either did not actually say it in that form of words, or did not say it at all. (Wikipedia)

Irfan Setiaputra, Cisco Indonesia Managing Director

Irfan Setiaputra
I just want to spread this news. Irfan Setiaputra, Cisco Indonesia Managing Director, joined the blogosphere few months ago. His blog is located at and it is powered by WordPress. All entries and comments are written by Mr. Irfan Setiaputra himself. So, if you write comments on his posts, he will read and give responds.
Welcome to blogosphere Mr. Irfan!
Anyway, there are also two other bloggers. Betti Alisjahbana (from IBM Indonesia) and Elisa Lumbantoruan (from HP Indonesia).