Firefox Mascot for Mozilla Indonesia

I think, until today Foxkeh is the most famous Firefox Mascot. It’s a mascot character for Firefox promotions organized by Mozilla Japan. Cute, right?
So, what about Indonesia? For some detailed explanation and deep stories about Mozilla in Indonesia, you can read Gen Kanai’s blog posts. Or, you can also watch a short video I took when Gen Kanai visited Indonesia few months ago. The video is about Mozilla in Indonesia. And yes, it’s in English.
Yesterday, Mozilla Indonesia community came with a character. But, it’s still nameless now. The mascot character is inspired by Kecak dancer from Bali. Now, if you are good at giving name, it’s your turn. You can send your ideas to name this new mascot. Personally, I don’t have any ideas right now. :D
More details about this new mascot and its small contest can be found at Mozilla Indonesia community website. And, this is the mascot character.

Okey, this is cute. :D