Pengalaman Pembuatan Kartu ATM Pengganti di Bank BCA

Singkatnya, kemarin saya mendapatkan pelayanan yang baik dari Bank BCA Kantor Cabang Utama (KCU) Sudirman ketika melakukan pengurusan pembuatan kartu ATM baru. Semua proses berlangsung dengan cepat, dan petugas layanan nasabah membantu semua prosesnya. Terima kasih Bank BCA!

Saya lupa tepatnya kapan saya kehilangan buku tabungan saya. Yang pasti, sudah lama. Atau mungkin, sudah sangat lama. Jadi praktis saya hanya mengandalkan kartu ATM saya. Oh ya, untuk transaksi perbankan, saya menggunakan ATM dari Bank BCA. Saya sendiri menjadi nasabah bank ini cukup lama. Kurang tahu kapan tepatnya, tapi kalau tidak salah sekitar awal tahun 2001/2002. Sudah pernah juga mengalami kejadian kehilangan kartu ATM.

Nah, karena sudah cukup lama, jadi memang dari sisi bentuk kartu bisa dikatakan sudah jauh dari bagus. Warna sudah mulai pudar, dan bahkan lapisan plastik di kartu juga sudah mulai mengelupas. Ya, walaupun jelek kartu tersebut pernah juga kok digunakan untuk penarikan tunai di Hong Kong beberapa bulan yang lalu.

Oke, abaikan kalimat terakhir diatas. Tidak terlalu ada hubungannya dengan inti tulisan ini.

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So, what is the best Twitter Client?

Not exactly a Twitter client, but tool to manage social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
When I created my first Twitter account in 2006, there weren’t any applications for desktop or mobile. But, it’s 2011 and the service grows so fast. It’s around one billion tweets sent per week (according to March 2011 data). I love Twitter, and I also joined some other services. I don’t use all of them on daily basis, but more about learning how the service works, and how they’are designed. This is something I consider as something-I-like-to-do.
We are connected to each other using social media services. Many people want to be in the front row to get the latest news. They also want to know what is the latest information in the industry they’re involving with. I want to get the news shared by people I’m following on Twitter, or just to see what’s happening from my timeline.
At the same time, I want to share updates. These things seemed easy to be done. But, when it’s involving multiple social media accounts, I can be very busy. Not always, but sometime.
I have been trying and have some application installed on my gadgets — and also my MacBook Pro. I’m having Nokia N8, BlackBerry, and iPhone 4 now. Okey, don’t ask me why I need to have those gadgets. I just have them and don’t use them at the same time. But, I usually switch between those gadget — and of course, applications installed.
The thing is that not all applications works on every device I have with me, even they share similar features. Among many applications (free or paid) to manage my social media account. And these are some applications (including Twitter clients) I use — I switch between applications when I’m on my iPhone as my primary device right now.

I don’t have iPad and Android-based devices anyway. So, why bother having (too) many applications when I don’t use them all? Again, I like exploring how those things work. And, I like working on my account using its native application. For example like using Facebook for iPhone to explore Facebook, even HootSuite also works fine. Why? Switching between application is easy. Right?
I don’t have any other applications like TweetDeck, or Twitter for Mac on my Mac. For the web-based tool I sometime use HootSuite, CoTweet and Twitter website.
For the next post, I think I’ll write short reviews about those applications. From a end-user perspective. There are many tools/services that offer so many features. Probably, they works for businesses, not for personal use. Some are paid service, and some are free. When it comes into a simple question: “What is the best Twitter client?”, the answer should be simple: A client that works for you. Right? offers free email for its users. Do you use it?

I decided not to use it.
I’m using service to create my personal splash page. You can see mine at It looks good, and very useful to display multiple online profiles like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. Everything works great.
Few days ago, users received an email informing about an offer to get more personalized email address. Yes, another mail service! Last May, Nokia did the same step by powering its mail service called Ovi Mail using Yahoo! Mail features. Since is now part of AOL family, you will get AOL Mail-powered email. Just a reminder: AOL bought back in December 2010.
I claimed my email address. Yes, I have now thomasarie [at], powered by AOL. If you want to get yours,  authenticate yourself at website, and you should see “Offer” menu under “Dashboard” menu on the top navigation.

The setup was easy. You only need to give your date of birth information. I use Google Mail — Google Apps for domain — as my primary email service right now. I also keep my Yahoo! Mail account checked on regular basis. They offer a good service until today. AOL Mail did offers some features, but I haven’t found any features other mail services don’t have. So, I decided not to use it. If you send your email to thomasarie [at], it will go to my inbox. But, I’m not sure whether I check it regularly or not.
And, this is how the the email frontpage looks like. Sorry, I just need ’email’.

Nokia Maps says hello to iOS and Android

From Ovi blog:

  1. You can see where you are on the map, thanks to HTML5 support for positioning
  2. You can find addresses, businesses and other places of interest, anywhere in the world
  3. You can get to know the places: all the essential information about a place are presented on one page (pictures, user reviews, popular travel guides description, contact information)
  4. You can plan the fastest route to your destination by car or on foot
  5. You can see where the public transport lines go, and where the stops are
  6. You can share your favourite places with your friends via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter

Moving a WordPress-powered site to another domain: The Permalink

Yesterday, I needed to move a self-hosted WordPress site to another domain. The process was easy because it’s like copying all files, edit the configuration file and editing internal links in all posts. All process only took less than 15 minutes. But, that’s not the only thing. One of the important things needed is to maintain the article links — known as “permanent link”.
This is important because I don’t want to send the visitors coming from other sources (links in blog posts, shared link on Twitter or Facebook) to missing pages. It’s called “permanent link”, right? So, having the permanent link broken is not a good idea.
I came up with a simple solution: using .htacess. After moving all files and checking all configurations I put these lines in the .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^.*$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

So, when visitors visit, the browsers will go automatically to Easy!


I went to TEDx Jakarta for the first time in July this year. And, it was because I stay in Jakarta. When I was in Jogjakarta, going to TEDx event become something that I didn’t expect. I like TED events — including its independently-organized event, this is why it has “x” in its name. I downloaded lots of videos from TED Talks. Not sure how many videos in have in my hard-drive, but until today, I feel that I got many knowledge — only by watching the talks.
In the previous TEDx Jakarta event, there were many inspiring speakers like Irfan Amalee, Irwan Ahmett, Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, Barry Likumahuwa, Ade Rai and Ridwan Kamil. After that event, I told myself that I should be going to the next TEDx event. Today, I got a confirmation letter that I got the invitation. Nice!

I’m ready to be inspired by some speakers like Adi Panuntun, Betti S. Alisjahbana, Chandra Tresnadi, René Suhardono, Anies Baswedan, and Sanggar Roda. Go to speakers’ page to find our more about them. I’m not trying to search for any details about what the speakers will present. Well, for this… I will let them surprise me — and hopefully all the audience. :)
Now, for personal reminder:

  • Venue: Pusat Perfilman Usmar Ismail (Usmar Ismail Hall) Kuningan
  • Address: Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav C. 22, Jakarta 12940
  • Time & Date: December 19th, 2010. 2 PM — 6 PM, registration opens 1 PM

Anyway, I took lots of picture during 5th TEDx Jakarta event. You can go to its photoset at Flickr. And, if you want to see the videos, you can visit TEDxJakarta video playlist. And, if you want to be TEDx Jakarta speaker, there’s a question to answer. :)

Now, this blog is using DISQUS

I decided to switch the commenting system for this blog, from WordPress’ built-in commenting system feature to DISQUS. I was not sure which hosted service I wanted to use — DISQUS and Intense Debate came into consideration. Here are some reasons why I use external commenting system service right now:

  • DISQUS provides integration with other services like Twitter, Facebook and also OpenID. This features can be activated on WordPress-powered blogs using plugins. But, if DISQUS already has this feature, why not?
  • DISQUS also offers spam filter mechanism. I’m tired of spam. Akismet and TypePad Antispam plugin did a great job. Right now, I rely on DISQUS spam filter. And I have Akismet activated also.
  • I’m happy with how DISQUS display blog comments. Options can be managed directly from the dashboard.

The migration process was easy. It took less than 30 minutes to import all my comments (there were around 3,100 comments), and I got zero problem. It just worked.

Flickr Helps You to Connect with Friends

I haven’t used this Flickr’s “People you may know” feature yet. If you’re using Flickr, you will see another box there on the sidebar giving you some contact suggestions. It seems Yahoo! wants to make Flickr more social these days.

As a Flickr user, I can find also find friends based on their data on my “contact page” at another services like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live and also Facebook. Looks nice? Maybe. Flickr will search all contacts that already inserted in the address book. But, it will depends on how I organize my address book, for example in my Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. My Yahoo! Mail assigned for my Flickr account almost has no contacts. It’s simply because I created a Yahoo! account only to signup with Flickr. So, almost nobody in my Yahoo! contact.
What about Gmail? Similar situation I think. Most of my contacts in my Gmail account uses non-Yahoo! email services. So, when I tried to use the search feature, it gave me an empty results. Windows Live and Facebook give the same output I think.

Photos should be much better now (on Facebook)

This is a good news for those who love to upload photos to Facebook. Facebook now offers a better improvement on its photo-related features. Until today, its greatest feature might be the photo-tagging. Okey, these are some improvements that will be rolled for all Facebook users:
Higher resolution — If you feel 720 pixels is not big enough, you can now have up to 2048 pixels for photo size.

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Ovi Maps Now with Some Improvements: Short URL and Share Location

One of the things I did after I lost my phone was to synchronize some of phone data between my Nokia 5800 XM and E72. Actually, I only keep my contact and maps. About map, I use Ovi Maps provided by Nokia (see also: Yahoo Maps powered by Ovi Maps) After I added a location using Ovi Maps, I simply sync it to my Ovi account. Not everyday, maybe once in a week or two. Even I don’t visit Ovi Maps website regularly, I’m still thinking that I might need later in the future. And, I need it.

When I visited Ovi Maps page, I saw that there were some differences. It seems that Ovi Maps page has been improved.
One thing I notice is that it becomes more social now. You can easily share a certain location marked as “Favorites” to Facebook and Twitter. This might be useful if you want to share a location. If you don’t have any locations in your Favourites folder, you can easily add one. It’s like: “This is the location. I should bookmark this. Then, when I need it, I can find it easily or even share with others”.
For every location link, Ovi Maps uses domain. Yes, it’s shortened, just like what Google Maps has right now.