Inside Beats by Dre

Inside Beats by Dre

What’s inside Beats by Dre? With $199 retail price, there must be something inside.

Lots of optimizations are to be expected in a product manufactured in the millions of units: snaps and glue are used for assembly rather than screws (which require lots of human manipulation) and almost every part is injection molded plastic (which is essentially free at high volumes). (Source: Medium: How It’s Made Series: Beats By Dre)


HTML5 UP — Collection of beautiful templates using HTML5 and CSS3.

F Pattern Layout

F Pattern Layout — “Rather than trying to force the viewer’s visual flow, the F-Layout gives in to the natural behaviors of most web surfers and it uses scientific studies to back it up.”

Let's talk about the (new) Yahoo's email service

Recently, Yahoo redesigned its mail service again. I’ve talked about Yahoo Mail last August. I hoped for an improvements. Recently, on its 16th birthday, Yahoo gives a new look for its mail service. Quoting from a release published at Yahoo’s blog:

We redesigned Yahoo Mail to be more efficient, too. Things you do all of the time like search, starring, and deleting are now one-click actions that appear when you hover over an email. We also wanted to give you more breathing room in your inbox, so you can collapse the left-hand toolbar to be more productive.

I’m not a big fan of Yahoo email service actually, I’m sold to Google Mail. I use Gmail web-based interface on my daily basis. So, what Yahoo offered on this redesign this time?

1 TB of storage to handle email and attachments.

Yes, that’s huge! Currently, Google ‘only’ offers 15 GB of free storage (shared between Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos) with some detailed conditions. The 1 TB storage is tempting for marketing purpose and by number. Do I really need 1TB? I can live with 15 GB Google offers. By having 1 TB of storage, it can handles more than 54 million of emails.
Previously, if you’re a Flickr user, Yahoo also offers 1 TB of storage to store more than 500,000 photos in original quality. This one is really a good deal!


I’m not a fan of themes for email service. I left my Gmail in the standard look, without fancy themes. Yahoo — since it also owns Flickr — brings some selected photos from Flickr to choose as the background theme. Here how it looks.
Yahoo mail themes
For the web interface, I choose the of of the clean theme styles.

Twitter's Mobile Site Overhaul

Interesting story behind Twitter’s mobile site design.

Twitter Cards

So, what is Twitter Cards?

Twitter cards make it possible for you to attach media experiences to Tweets that link to your content. Simply add a few lines of HTML to your webpages, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a “card” added to the Tweet that’s visible to all of their followers. [Source: Twitter Developer: Twitter Cards]

Randomized Twitter's Homepage Design

I don’t visit Twitter’s website regularly. I use Twitter from third party applications most of the time. Not sure when Twitter has another new look — the homepage has been changed few times — but when I open Twitter’s homepage, I got some different schemes.
Anyway, you probably remember about its major design few months ago. Now, Twitter randomize its homepage by having different color schemes. Not sure how many combinations it has, I found three. All of them give a short description: “Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.

YouTube's Black/Dark Player

Last year, YouTube introduced its new video player design, and I decided to use it before it was released for public. Now, YouTube has another new player design. This time, it’s dark.

The next question is: Do you like it? Do I like it? The dark element can add more contrast, but when I want to include YouTube videos on my blog and dark element does not meet my website design, that might be a problem. Well, not a problem actually, but when light player is much better, probably black is not an option.

Yahoo! Flickr's new landing page

When did the last time you visit Yahoo! Flickr homepage? If you visit, it has a new look and I think it displays more information. The new landing page will be visible only for non-logged in users.

Compared to the previous one, here are few things I noticed:

  • You will see bigger rotating photos and not only one. Notice the sliding effect there. Some members give their opinion about how photos are displayed. Read the feedbacks at Yahoo! Flickr blog.
  • Since this is made especially for new users, the new landing page gives more details on the top features. By this, I think users will not need to go to the Tour page to get some reasons to create an account.
  • Less photo statistics. Previously, the page gave some numbers like how many photos uploaded in the last one minute, how many photos tagged with a certain tag, and also how many geo-tagged photos uploaded in a certain period — within a month? I’m not sure. All these numbers are gone now. I’m not sure whether the information displayed previously was real-time statistics or not.

The current design does not seem trying to sell its Flickr Pro features. But of course, the Flickr Pro feature is something that probably-purchased by existing users. So, get more users first, and when they found the service great and useful, they might want to upgrade their accounts.
And, there are 8 links to the account creation page. I counted and found 8 links. Or, more? Let me add one here: Create a Flickr account now. :D
Congrats Yahoo! Flickr for the new design. I rarely visit the frontpage, anyway.

YouTube Now Has a New Player Design?

I just visited channel on YouTube, I saw something different with the video player design. Looking at the new design in brief, I think I like the new one — all the player elements are there without any significant changes. I’m not sure whether it’s already announced or not, but it’s new for me. Here’s a new video player on YouTube.

And, this is the previous design:

Compared to the previous video player design, here are few things to notice:

  • It’s more polished, I think.
  • But, I’m a little bit annoyed by the frame “Seek” bar there, it covers some video area. It’s only displayed for few seconds and it becomes a tiny indicator.
  • Volume indicator is displayed horizontally. Both designs are fine, but I prefer the volume indicator on the right, not left.

This new player design is only visible when you visit videos directly on YouTube. If you embed YouTube videos in your site/blog, they’re still using the old one. Maybe later.

Fonts 500 — great collection of free fonts from around the web. Browse the collections, choose and download your favorite fonts.

Web Browsers' Homepage Designs

I only visit web browsers’ sites when I want to download — sometime, I don’t even have to go to their sites to get updates — or, only when someone/something refers me to an address in those sites. Those are some possibilities. Their websites have beautiful designs, and sometime can be a great inspiration. :)

So, here are some screenshots. I like their designs as inspirations. Not in a particular order:

Camino Browser Homepage


Yahoo! Rolls Out Its New Design?

Yahoo! New Design
I just logged out from my Yahoo! email address, and I see Yahoo!’s new homepage design. Last year, some people had noticed this. The address is I tried using Mozilla Firefox. When I typed, my browser redirected me to that address. I switched to another browser (Opera), it did not redirect me like Firefox. And when I go to directly using Opera, it redirected me to the old site ( The new design is not ready for Opera yet?
Compared to the previous design, this is much simpler. There is a box to add application. But, I haven’t tested this. Anyone also see the new design?