Google Doodle: Indonesia National Batik Day 2019

Today, Google search page for users in Indonesia has a doodle to celebrate National Batik Day 2019. Quoted from Google Doodle’s page:

Today’s Doodle celebrates and was made using Batik, a technique for decorating fabric using wax and pigment to create complex, colorful patterns. Batik artisans cover fabric with a wax design, add dye, and finally remove the wax to reveal the pattern underneath. Repeating the process with different colored dyes can create intricate, multi-layered designs to adorn textiles and clothing.

Indonesia has been known for its Batik since the 4th or 5th century, and it has been said that Indonesian batik dye techniques and designs are as numerous as its islands. The designs and colors vary in accordance with the villages and ethnic groups that have spread out in different islands.

Happy National Batik Day! Let’s wear batik today!