Opportunity to Sell Your Websites

There are already big companies buying other companies or websites on the internet. This is an interesting to follow. But, for individuals the chance to be acquired or bought by other companies to raise money might be to little.
For example, you have a well-designed website, and it has a huge traffic. If selling your site comes to your mind, there is an opportunity. There is a company — who might buy your website — called WM Media. Accourding to its profile:

WM Media was formed in 2007 to provide an outlet for small website owners and large businesses to sell their websites and get a fair price. Additionally, we provide advertising services reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.
Interested? Okey, if you want to sell a website, there are some requirements:

  • Should contain at least 20 pages of unique, well written content of at least 500 words each.
  • The domain is at least 9 months old.
  • No porn, warez, or other questionable activities.
  • Not interested in websites focused on celebrities, legal advice, medical advice, technology, or video games.
  • Website should not require a large amount of maintainence (i.e. drop shipping).
  • Should have backlinks from related websites.

Before making a decision to sell our website, it’s recommended to read as much information as possible. Just to make sure that we make a good decision. VM Media also has a blog to interact with its audience. There are many useful references. Look at this example before selling our website:

Try to maintain your website by organizing its tools and features. Get updated on the latest developments of web technology. You should include all the relevant features in your site. When selling a website, try to project a reliable and convincing image of your site for the prospective buyers. If customers are happy, your site will definitely fetch you a handsome amount of money.

Couldn’t agree more. You can sell your website from $300 to $300,000. Just fill in the form and tell them about your website. A good chance, right?