Do You Block Other Twitter Users?

My short answer is: Yes. Sometimes, I do block some Twitter users (followers). The main reason is pretty simple. I think they’re spammy users. For example, here are their ‘condition’:

  • I could not even see his/her profile. No URL, no short bio.
  • He/she follows too-many users, but only have little followers.
  • He/she only promote what he/she’s doing. Okey, I am not talking about @cnnbrk — it’s a different story.

So, I blocked them. In Twitter, blocking a person means:

  • You will no longer show up in the blocked person’s list of friends.
  • Your updates won’t show up on the blocked person’s profile page.
  • The blocked person will not be able to add you as a friend.
  • You can unblock people. You’ll have to add them as a friend after unblocking, though.

I’m fine with that. I’m just curious, are you also blocking other users?

8 replies on “Do You Block Other Twitter Users?”

ya, dan ironisnya aku tahu siapa yang ku blok, temen. Dia nyepam sih walau mungkin dia gak tahu. Dia masukin status YM , IM , atau apalah ke dalam tweet nya, jadi setiap beberapa menit selalu muncul tweet dengan isi yang sama, menuhin punyaku ( dan beberapa orang lain tentunya ).
Sudah diperingatkan gak ada respon , ya di blok. beres perkara

What about new users? I was blocked at the second day, and of course I didnt have many followers and I´m not a spammer either.

yes i am def blocking! i started out NOT however i had one girl ASK me why i was following her (i thought she was interesting actually) and said so and she BLOCKED me after i replied. another nutcase he actually ASSESSES people according to who the person follows (his profile is private). so if you send him a FRIEND REQUEST and you happen to follow someone HE DOES NOT LIKE (he is a very rude prick anyways) he will NOT add you. the funny part is he does NOT know how to use the BLOCK feature so he just keeps getting sent friend requests from the same people lol…

i Usually dont Block People But this Person keeps following me with a GROSS Profile Pic n the only thing on theyre Page is “Wanna see Britney and Other Celebs F#$%” And I kept Blockin them n then they wud i guess make another account with the exact same thing n follow me again!!! So now my updates are set to private so i can make sure whos following but I never wanted my Profile On Locked so now its just annoying! GET A LIFE AnD STOP MESSING WITH OTHERS PEOPLE!

Unfortunately yes. There was a political party from my country that followed me. When I didn’t follow back, they will unfollow me and then follow me again, so I get the follow email from Twitter again. They keep doing this every few days. Finally, I blocked them.
That didn’t stop them. Now they are following me through @twitseeker! Every few days! I may have to block @twitseeker as well. :(