I'm going to Yahoo! Communities Meetup

I will be going to first(?) Yahoo! Communities Meetup event this Wednesday, at Blitz Megaplex Pacific Place, Jakarta. So, what is it all about? From its event page at Upcoming:

It’s a gathering of community members from Yahoo!’s community-based services, particularly Yahoo! Answers, Flickr and Koprol.
This is your chance to meet your fellow community members and the people who help manage those services on Yahoo!. Expect an exciting evening of meeting new and familiar people and discovering new stuff about Flickr, Answers and Koprol.

Since I’m a Flickr and Koprol user, I don’t have any reason not to join this event. Yahoo! is expecting 200 people in this event. When I write this post, there are 150 people on the list. So, if you don’t have any schedules on that day, mark you calendar and signup to the event. It’s free anyway.
To be more specific, it seems that this event is closely related to Flickr’s annoucement. Okey, see you!