Finally, Flickr in Bahasa Indonesia!

Finally, Flickr is now available in Bahasa Indonesia. If you visit Flickr’s website, you should see “Bahasa Indonesia” in footer area. Click on it and you will see Flickr in Bahasa Indonesia. And not only that, Flickr’s blog seems to be available also in Bahasa Indonesia. But, until today, it only has one post. I’m curious to see upcoming posts, at least more photos about Indonesia there. :)
AFF Suzuki Cup 2010
How does it affect those who wants to use Flickr, especially potential users from Indonesia? A lot! In the last few years, I met some people who finally joined Flickr (some of them are using Flickr Pro accounts) after getting enough information. They asked me some basic questions like Flickr features, some reasons why Flickr is the best options among photo sharing providers, etc. In most cases, they finally go with Flickr after having enough details about this service (from me). Right now, there are school, goverment and personal accounts I brought to Twitter Flickr from Indonesia. My high school even has more than 14,000 photos! I don’t work for Flickr, and I don’t mind giving some details to them. By having all information in Bahasa Indonesia (from the interface, FAQ, even the upgrade page!), it should be lots easier for them to learn about the service. Nice!