I don't send Instagram photos to Flickr automatically. Why?

I like taking photos using my iPhone 4 and send them to Instagram. At the same time, I also like Flickr. iPhone 4, Nokia N8, and Flickr should be a great combination. Both Instagram and Flickr have their good and bad. And, I think both services can not be compared. Each service has its own medium and audiences, including the way how contents delivered to its users.
Posting to Instagram is super easy. If you use it, you know what I mean. It also has filters. There are some good photography applications to edit or manipulate photos available for download at App Store. Everything looks perfect. But, I decide not to post my photos sent to Instagram to Flickr stream automatically. Yes, it’s a very easy process and I don’t do it. Why? Here are my personal three main reasons:

1. It’s not big enough

When a photo posted to Instagram, it will be posted in multiple sizes. They are Thumbnail (150×150), Medium (306×306), and Large (612×612). Even I can post the large photo, it’s not big enough for me. I want to have my photos on Flickr as my personal photography archive too. By uploading manually to Flickr — from desktop or directly using application like Flickr for iPhone I can bigger photo, even the original photo size — taken using my iPhone.

2. Reduced photo quality

It seems that Instagram will compress and reduced the image quality. Since all Instagram photos are made for iPhone screen, they’re still great on small screen device. Like I said before, Instagram and Flickr are just two different services. Compare these two photos:

Photos sent to Instagram directly from iPhone.


3. In most cases, I don’t want square photos.

Of course, I can have photos not being cropped by having white-space area. But, it seems that square images are perfect to be displayed in Instagram. In some cases, removing some objects from the photo — to get a square size — will not hurt. I take photos and I want to display them without being cropped most of the time.

4. I want EXIF data

When I upload photos to Flickr, I don’t want to include the EXIF data information. I rarely did too much photo editing, usually only some minor adjustments like brightness or contrast. When I upload directly to Flickr using Instagram auto-share feature, all EXIF data information are gone.
Again, this reasons will not work for everybody. It’s just my personal preferences. I do still like both Instagram and Flickr.