Instagram and how Instagram works with its users

Yes, I’m joining Instagram under @thomasarie username. Having a desired username for Instagram username is easy and should be painless. But, that didn’t happen to me at first. I wanted to have @thomasarie as my username, but I was a little bit unlucky. I contacted Instagram support team after doing some attempts to get my username — yes, I want to have same username for some services :)
Here’s a little bit story.
I created an Instagram account before I bought an iPhone just to secure my username. Then, after I bought myself an iPhone 4, I tried to login to my Instagram account. Nothing special, except I have to deal with my password. Yes, I forgot my password! Okey, you can laugh now. :D
So, I used the forgot password feature. I waited for few minutes and no reset password instruction being delivered. Maybe something was broken. I tried it again next day, and I still didn’t have any instructions to reset my password. I jumped to the Instagram Support Center to find out a solution. There are some details about account troubleshooting including account password, username and email address.

To reset your password:

  • Follow the link above and enter the email address you used to sign up for Instagram
  • Click on the link in the email
  • Reset your password and login with your username and new password

Please email [email protected] if you are not receiving the password reset email in your inbox or cannot remember what username or email address you used to sign up for an account (as many details about the account as you can provide are appreciated!).

At that time, it didn’t work. So, I pushed my luck by sending a support ticket. During the period, I played with Instagram under another username. Lucky Instagram has feature to change username. So, when I’m able to have my desired username, I can move to it. I sent my last support ticket on August 11,2011. And, Instagram team replied my ticket on August 16, 2011! You know what the best part was? They gave me my username with a new password! Whooa! I logged in to my account, and changed the password right away into something I-will-not-forget-again!
After that, I did few things to move my active Instagram account under this username. Great! Thank you Instagram!
I know the fact that Instagram team is busy and keep its service up and running without any issues. I’m not blaming them for my issue. It was completely my mistake. But, having my problem solved less than a week is still really great for huge and busy service like this. Do I have a happy Instagram experience? I do.

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