Good bye YouTube

The decision is final, YouTube is blocked in Indonesia, from internet access using Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX). Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (Indonesian Internet Service Providers) came into this disappointing decision.
According to the news, this decision was triggered because of the case of an uploaded video entitled “F**na”. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of The Republic of Indonesia said that they already contacted YouTube to remove “F**na” from the website. The govt of Indonesia gave two days for YouTube to remove it. But, it seems that YouTube did not gave an expected response.
What does this affect the Indonesian blogosphere? I visited some blogs having embeded YouTube videos, and all failed — of course, because my internet connection is blocked already. Some people said that they still can access YouTube… But, I think it’s about time.
I just don’t get it. YouTube has move good contents (compared to ‘bad content’), I think. Argh!
Update (9 PM): The information said that there was a technical error about the blocking. It’s said that it’s related to human error (wrong blocking mechanism). Many people are still able to visit YouTube, some are unlucky. My ISP has some proxies and right now, I can still open YouTube — not like this morning. BUT, I found some sites (BIG sites!) already blocked.