Flickr Stats for Flickr Pro Account Holder

Flickr introduces a new feature called Flickr Stats. (hat tip Yan Arief) This statistics is only available for Flickr Pro account holder. I can not have this feature for my account since I am still use the free version. Anyone want to upgrade my account? :)
To gain the statistics, you need to activate this feature first from your account panel. After doing that, just wait for a moment — it takes about 24 hours for Flickr to generate your stats. Once it’s activated you will get more statistics for you photos, please note that:

  • Your own views of your own photos are not counted
  • Views and referrers when a page on is loaded
  • It will not count views of your photos on external sites e.g. photos loaded from your blog.
  • More? Visit Flickr Stats FAQ page

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