MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration? Easy!

MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration
Few days ago, I mentioned about problem on integrating MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID. I expected that the problem would be solved by MyBlogLog team as soon as possible. But hey, Ian Kennedy Product Manager — came here and gave a note he would investigate the problem. Thank you, Ian!
When he notified that the problem had been solved. I tried it again. The problem’s solved. Sweet! If you want to know more detail about the what the integration is all about, visit MyBlogLog Help Page: Migrating to Yahoo! IDs. It’s all there. I just realized that I registered to this service more than a year ago… :D

One reply on “MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration? Easy!”

Has this been fixed?
I always use MBL along with alot of other Yahoo! services and haven’t noticed a problem . . .
Would like to know more about the nature of the integration problem, and will keep an eye on the threaded comments if anyone can post more info.