Few Things about Facebook Usernames

Facebook introduces Usernames. And, now it’s available for public. Now, we can create a personalized and easier-to-remember web address for our Facebook profile page. For those who like ‘shorter is better’ in , this should be interesting. Facebook explains:

Your new Facebook URL is like your personal destination, or home, on the Web. can enter a Facebook username as a search term on Facebook or a popular search engine like , for example, which will make it much easier for people to find friends with common names.

Before choosing a final username, here are few things we might want to know (you can read detailed info on the Help Center), so choose wisely.

  1. Usernames can only contain alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (“.”)
  2. Usernames must be at least 5 characters long.
  3. Usernames can not be edited/modified.
  4. Usernames are not case sensitive.
  5. Facebook also prevents certain words from being included in usernames. It is not possible to copy a username that someone else has already claimed.
  6. Usernames are only available for profiles and Pages.
  7. Only Pages with 1,000 fans as of May 31, 2009 are eligible for usernames.
  8. Facebook has rights to remove and/or reclaim any username for any reason. :)

If you want more about this new Facebook Usernames, please check Anil’s Exclusive: The Future of Facebook Usernames. Anyway, I’ve created my personalized URL, it’s facebook.com/thomasarie. Of course, it’s easy. Who’s on earth want to choose that name? :D Yours?

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