Fawnt: High Quality Font Collection

Choosing right fonts during the design process — in some cases — can be tiring. The reasons may vary like lack of font collections, too many similar types, etc. Having numerous fonts installed probably a good thing. But, for some people, it’s probably frustrating having too many fonts. I myself do not have many fonts installed. I just install some fonts I considered as nice fonts. If I need certain fonts, I install them.
But, where to find good font collections? Here is one of the resources. It’s called Fawnt. The site described Fawnt as a font resource for designers, developers, and anyone that appreciates the web’s highest quality fonts.
Fawnt Logo
You can find thousands of fonts there. To save your time, you can start from top rated font page. Not your favorite? No problem. You can also browse by letters, or by category. Simple! So, what’s your favorite font?

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