Problem on MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID Integration

If you use MyBlogLog service to display visitor avatar in your blog, you probably have heard that your MyBlogLog account can be merged with your Yahoo! ID. Right, because MyBlogLog is part of Yahoo! company. For some reason, I removed MyBlogLog feature in my blog few weeks ago.
Because it seems that it’s easy to merge accounts (MyBlogLog and Yahoo! ID), I gave it a try. When I tried to complete the last step, I got an error. It says that there is something wrong with the SQL syntax. I have contacted them about this issue. Hope they can solve this problem.


  1. Jauhari, right… I am not sure whether this problem occur when I tried to merge (temporary problem or not). I am just curious… :)
    Hedi, hehehe… the main reason for this is that I do not want to ‘wait’ the browser loads avatars from MyBlogLog. Sometime, I found that the avatar file size is too big.

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