ALA: Issue 227

In Defense of Difficult Clients: “It can be frustrating to work for clients who force us to justify our strongly held beliefs, but, budget permitting, it may still be worthwhile.”


Effective January 1, 2007, the length of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) will officially change from 10 to 13 digits. This change will require book industry organizations to use 13-digit ISBNs instead of 10-digit ISBNs when identifying in global trade.

Dian Sastro – detikhot

Screenshot Dian Sastro di detikhot

Switched back to Firefox 1.5

Yesteday, I downgraded my Mozilla Firefox to 1.5. My main reason is that it crashed so many times. I know, 2.0 has great new features. But the previous version (I use now) has all I need.
When I switched to Firefox 2.0, I have no problems with the extensions. Most extensions have been updated; compatible with Firefox latest version.
I will stay with for now, and I haven’t experienced crashed until now.

KolomKita adalah kumpulan dari tulisan-tulisan pembaca Cyber Media di rubrik “KoKi” asuhan Zeverina. Belum tahu banyak tentang “KoKi”? Baca saja informasinya. (Menggunakan Butterfly/Laila Theme versi 1.0. Oh ya, ada forum juga disana.)