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Yesterday, I joined ReviewMe.com after being informed by ReviewMe.com via email. Yeah, I got many invitations, and most of them are about social networking. But not this (ReviewMe.com).

The following is a review for ReviewMe.com.

Yesterday, I joined ReviewMe.com after being informed by ReviewMe.com via email. Yeah, I got many invitations, and most of them are about social networking. But not this (ReviewMe.com).

What is ReviewMe.com?

Here are some important points:
If you are a blogger:

  • You can write review for other parties (companies, services, websites, etc). Without joining ReviewMe, most bloggers already make reviews. But, this time, you will be paid for what you write.
  • You will make review only if other parties (advertisers) want your reviews. And all the processes are done through ReviewMe.
  • ReviewMe will help bloggers to decide the “value” of their reviews.
  • There are two sides here: bloggers and advertisers.

For advertisers

  • Advertisers can ask for review from bloggers. So, advertisers can have an honest review.
  • Advertisers can decide from whom they will get the reviews from.
  • They jump to a crowded atmosphere: blogosphere.

After reading all information between the lines, I found that ReviewMe is a great service. It has good concepts. it is still new. You are probbaly more familiar with PayPerPost. I haven’t signed up with PayPerPost. I am an Indonesian, and I do not have a Paypal account. Too bad eh? Fortunately, ReviewMe gives an alternative about the payment. There are two options there: Paypal or check.
PayPerPost and ReviewMe are great services. They have many things in commons: they make bloggers and publishers/advertisers meet. And I believe, it will bring many advantages for both sides.

ReviewMe Website (Interface)

  • All information displayed in the website are easy to understand. They are straight to the point. This is important. I think, new bloggers who want to join this service will not wait too long to register. All basic information are there. I think it takes less than 10 minutes to understand how ReviewMe works. The colors are fresh, information are easy to read (font size is big enough, good contrast).
  • I feel comfortable when moving from a page to other pages.

Few things you should know about ReviewMe

  • Registration is free.
  • Once you have been registered, you can make your own profile. You can have some websites assigned to your account.
  • Fifty-fifty revenue mechanism. So, for example, if your review price is $100, you will receive $50.
  • Advertisers/publishers choose which blogs review them. You (as a blogger) can not make your own review and sell it to advertisers.
  • Your reviews are at least 200 words long. “Your website is nice” is not enough.
  • For one account, you can submit up to 6 websites. You do not need to have one account for each website.
  • Your email is your username

My ReviewMe Wishlist

ReviewMe is still new. I believe that the development will continue. These are few things I want to see in ReviewMe website:

  • Users are able to change her/his email address. I am not sure whether it will be difficult or affect the system or not since email address is used as username. Or, user will have option to provide secondary email address.
  • Approval for submitted blogs/sites. I like Tehnorati‘s mechanism when a member claiming a blog. Submit a blog, put a code or line in a page, open the site, and the claim is approved.
  • Blend the main site and blog. ReviewMe has a blog too. When I am in the main site (account-related pages), I want to see some information from ReviewMe blog. And in the blog-related pages, I can easily jump to my account-related pages. In short: I want to to jump from a page to other page fast.

Overall, ReviewMe is bloggers and advertisers/publishers’ friend. If you are a blogger or company want to get honest feedbacks, it is time to join ReviewMe.
PS: I just received an information from ReviewMe: If you do not have a Paypal account, you can not use your friend’s Paypal account. In other word, all payment should go to your own name/identity/account.

9 replies on “ReviewMe: Write and get reviews”

Yes, it’s true. I heard the news. I signed up when I heard the news for the first time, and I have my Paypal account. But, AFAIK, Indonesian customers can not receive payment (yet).
I do have a Paypal account, but what I understand is that I can only use it to pay, not to receive payment.
Correct me if I am wrong.

Pakai saja dulu account Paypal Indonesianya , lalu nanti kalau mau withdraw, kirim ke account saya. Kebetulan account saya di Paypal UK, jadi saya bisa withdraw. 100% free of charge untuk sampeyan :) Oh ya, ini juga berlaku untuk transaksi selain ReviewMe.com. Cheers !

wehehee. kok samaan ya?
btw, klo buat nerima bayaran dari luar negeri, coba pake Ikobo.com aja. bisa narik duit langsung dari ATM.
guys, asumsi gue proses payment mirip sama TLA. soalnya yg bikin sama. dan TLA tetep akan ngirim duit kita biarpun balancenya masih kecil. jadi klo kita cuma dapet recehan. fee untuk pencairan cek bisa jadi beban. bisa-bisa kita cuma bawa pulang duit rokok doank :P
dan ada satu kekurangan penting yg gue catet disini. ReviewMe ngga ngasi cara buat sang advertiser mengirim (andaikata itu sebuah barang) barang yg akan direview oleh si blogger.
tapi ya masih relatif baru sih. we’ll wait and see aja..

Mas Harry, terima kasih untuk informasi dan tawarannya…
Rizky, saya sudah punya iKard nya Ikobo. Tapi, setahu saya, Ikobo ini untuk mengirimkan dari card/Ikobo ke iKobo card. Not Paypal.
Yup, untuk review barang, ya sepertinya memang repot kalau belum “merasakannya”. Well see dah…

Mas, belum punya paypal ya? Bikin aja, ada cara yang legal agar bisa bikin paypal yang bisa terima duit bahkan tarik duit ke ATM di Indonesia. Saya sudah membuktikannya loch. Beneran kagak bo’ong. Soale sayang banget aja kalo hilang kesempatan dapat income gara-gara gak punya paypal. Paypal-nya bener-bener punya kita dan bukan nitip ke orang laen.
Semoga berhasil mas. Salam kenal dan terima kasih banyak informasi yang sangat bermanfaat dari sini. Btw, saya suka theme-nya. Mirip ama websitenya cutline, bikinan sendiri ya mas? Mau di-share-kah? :D
Terima kasih.