ReviewMe: Write and get reviews

The following is a review for

Yesterday, I joined after being informed by via email. Yeah, I got many invitations, and most of them are about social networking. But not this (

What is

Here are some important points:
If you are a blogger:

  • You can write review for other parties (companies, services, websites, etc). Without joining ReviewMe, most bloggers already make reviews. But, this time, you will be paid for what you write.
  • You will make review only if other parties (advertisers) want your reviews. And all the processes are done through ReviewMe.
  • ReviewMe will help bloggers to decide the “value” of their reviews.
  • There are two sides here: bloggers and advertisers.

For advertisers

  • Advertisers can ask for review from bloggers. So, advertisers can have an honest review.
  • Advertisers can decide from whom they will get the reviews from.
  • They jump to a crowded atmosphere: blogosphere.

After reading all information between the lines, I found that ReviewMe is a great service. It has good concepts. it is still new. You are probbaly more familiar with PayPerPost. I haven’t signed up with PayPerPost. I am an Indonesian, and I do not have a Paypal account. Too bad eh? Fortunately, ReviewMe gives an alternative about the payment. There are two options there: Paypal or check.
PayPerPost and ReviewMe are great services. They have many things in commons: they make bloggers and publishers/advertisers meet. And I believe, it will bring many advantages for both sides.

ReviewMe Website (Interface)

  • All information displayed in the website are easy to understand. They are straight to the point. This is important. I think, new bloggers who want to join this service will not wait too long to register. All basic information are there. I think it takes less than 10 minutes to understand how ReviewMe works. The colors are fresh, information are easy to read (font size is big enough, good contrast).
  • I feel comfortable when moving from a page to other pages.

Few things you should know about ReviewMe

  • Registration is free.
  • Once you have been registered, you can make your own profile. You can have some websites assigned to your account.
  • Fifty-fifty revenue mechanism. So, for example, if your review price is $100, you will receive $50.
  • Advertisers/publishers choose which blogs review them. You (as a blogger) can not make your own review and sell it to advertisers.
  • Your reviews are at least 200 words long. “Your website is nice” is not enough.
  • For one account, you can submit up to 6 websites. You do not need to have one account for each website.
  • Your email is your username

My ReviewMe Wishlist

ReviewMe is still new. I believe that the development will continue. These are few things I want to see in ReviewMe website:

  • Users are able to change her/his email address. I am not sure whether it will be difficult or affect the system or not since email address is used as username. Or, user will have option to provide secondary email address.
  • Approval for submitted blogs/sites. I like Tehnorati‘s mechanism when a member claiming a blog. Submit a blog, put a code or line in a page, open the site, and the claim is approved.
  • Blend the main site and blog. ReviewMe has a blog too. When I am in the main site (account-related pages), I want to see some information from ReviewMe blog. And in the blog-related pages, I can easily jump to my account-related pages. In short: I want to to jump from a page to other page fast.

Overall, ReviewMe is bloggers and advertisers/publishers’ friend. If you are a blogger or company want to get honest feedbacks, it is time to join ReviewMe.
PS: I just received an information from ReviewMe: If you do not have a Paypal account, you can not use your friend’s Paypal account. In other word, all payment should go to your own name/identity/account.