You are using an incompatible web browser, Facebook said


I almost have no problems accessing Facebook using many different browsers. But, I sometime I found problems when using 10 . It says that I'm using incompatible web browser. But, it only happens randomly, even when I do the same actions like reloading pages, clicking on the links. And so far, it only happens on -related pages.

The error page suggests me to use these browsers: , Opera, , Microsoft Internet Explorer, and . I do using Opera, but not the latest stable . So, is it Facebook? Or, Opera 10 doesn't play nice with Facebook yet? I'm using Opera Version 10.00 1 Build 1355 on XP when I experience this problem.

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I have problem with OS X 10.4.11 + Opera 9.64 combination. If I reply to any news feed on Facebook, my reply doesn’t go thru and I can’t re-edit etc. so text simply freezes after pressing send-button.

I had this problem for 2 months.
When I tried to access facebook, google maps, and some youtube videos I had problems either accessing or viewing the sites in ALL the browsers installed in my computer: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer.
I tried everything from virus scans to re installing javascript. I even wanted to re format my computer suspecting of a virus, but fortunately I found the solution before doing it.
The problem was caused by my Symantec client firewall. I did the following
Open Symantec Client Firewall>Privacy control> Configure> Custom level> uncheck the “Enable Browser Privacy” > OK > OK
All of the sudden I tried and google maps and they loaded just fine. I did not even need to restart my browser. I hope this helps.

Yes I have spent hours trying to figuer this out THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH

Thank you so much!  I am using Symantec Endpoint Protection, so the setting is a little different, but along the same lines.  In Endpoint Protection the setting that was causing the problem was under:  Network Threat Protection Settings > Stealth Settings > Enable Stealth Mode Web Browsing.
You helpful advice pointed me in the direction I needed to go!

Thanks, my setting were different, disabled stealth browsing and good to go now! thanks, I can get to facebook after 6 monthls of the incompatible browser error!!!

THANK YOU!  This wasn’t exactly right for mine, but I disabled the Stealth Mode browsing and it fixed it!

I have struggled with this one for a long time, tried dozens of things that were suggested by others, and finally cracked it this morning! I have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed. I had to go to Network Threat Protection -> Options -> Change Settings and under Stealth Settings, remove checks from all 3 boxes.
What’s important is that this seems to be a case of your firewall, whatever kind you are running, trying to protect you from some transaction that is required by Facebook, so if you have a different firewall than Symantec Endpoint, look for some setting that might be filtering out what Facebook needs.
It is unfortunate that Facebook gives this very misleading error message under these conditions!  Symantec, at least, does warn you in the Settings box that enabling these settings may interfere with using some websites.

I use Comodo. Turned it off completely, and I am still getting this message from Facebook. A few minutes earlier YouTube page wouldn’t load at all, then suddenly came back when I clicked an outside link. But no score with Facebook so far.