Xoopit for Gmail

Xoopit for Gmail is a Firefox extension to enhance our Gmail account, including Google Mail and Google Apps for Domain. Using this extension, we can:

  • Search our stuff (messages, photos, videos, and other files)
  • Browse photos and videos from other services like Youtube, Flickr, etc.

That’s only some features offered. Go to Xoopit for Gmail extension page for details. (Screenshot is taken from Xoopit for Gmail extention page).


  1. Dulu pernah ikutan. Tapi lama2 ngerasa ini seperti penerobosan privasi oleh pihak ketiga. Apalagi karna xoopit ngindeks gambar2 dari milis2 yg…. ah sudahlah..

  2. Thanks for the great post! Please send us feedback as well. We love hearing from our users. – JK, Xoopit Co-Founder

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