Wibiya Toolbar for your website

Few days ago, I installed a toolbar in this (see footer). It’s a hosted toolbar from Wibiya. I was not sure whether I really need that or not, but because I got invite to try the service — after asking for invite — I decided to try it.
Go display the toolbar, we only need to customize the toolbar. There are some “application bars” available such as Blog Search, Translation, Posts Navigator, , Tool, , Gallery (), Live Notifications and (via ). We can also edit the toolbar color from “Change Toolbar ”. There are some toolbar color availble.
I decided not to install all applications because the I did not need some of them this time. The other reason is because of application feature. For example, for the “Gallery” application, we need to provide “Flickr Set ID”. I think I will put this “Gallery” application when Wibiya give me another option to display recent from my Flickr photostream. asked about this, and they responded.
It’s not open for public, but if you’re interested just go to Wibiya website and ask for an invite. I got my invitation token in a same day.

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