Why no emoticons in this site?

I am not a fan of emoticon. But, I am fine if I see smilies used in websites, blogs, or discussion forums. Nowadays, smilies/emoticons are widely used by many web applications, etc; and I have to confest that I do not know each of them, do you?
Okey, what’s emoticon anyway? According to Wikipedia:

an emoticon is a symbol or combination of symbols used to convey emotional content in written or message form.

To be more spesific, current web applications have a built-in emoticon feature. For example, if you’re using WordPress, we can manage how smilies should be presented: only symbols or converted them into graphics/icons. There are some reasons why I do not use emoticons in this site.

  • I do not want to display text, images and any other important message and I presented many icons at the same time.
  • Smiley symbols are enough to represent emotional content.
  • I do not want to give symbols that’s hard to understand. Okey, I think it’s more about me who does not know much about smiley symbols.

This is — of course — more about my personal preferences. I am fine with emoticons at other sites/blogs. But, if there is an option not to use the icons, I will choose not to see that. For example, if we registered at a discussion forum, we can have options on how smiley symbols should be treated.


  1. Me either do not like emoticons on my blogs. It seems the blogs will look messy if I use them. Sometimes users put them on comments that I can’t control directly. How to toggle off the emoticons on my blogs?

  2. you know what, thomas. you’re too cool, and too neat, and too elegant for emoticons. seriously. *worship*. :D

  3. Say…
    This is the kind of entry that ticks me to do things.
    Like… purposely putting a smily. XD
    I dont know about you, but I cant live without smilies.

  4. setelah gak nampilin links, kemudian emoticon, terus apa lagi?
    BTW emoticon cuma bikin kamu terlihat kekanak – kanak an.

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